ORD Camp is a two day, invitation-only, gathering of 200 hand picked attendees.

It's a time to collect together the best minds to spark new ideas and spread old ideas. People from many different fields, many different walks of life, get together and share, teach, and learn about uniquely interesting topics.


The majority of the agenda will be determined by you, the attendees. If you have a talk you’d like to give, you sign up on the first day. Think of it as more of a collaborative brainstorming effort than a one-way presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything we can think of that you might want to know about ORD Camp.

Where to Stay

Coming to Chicago from elsewhere? We have some discounted hotel options, links to Airbnb, and a sofa sharing board.


What did last year’s attendees have to say? Read their thoughts.


ORD Camp is a Harassment-free zone. Read our policies.

Call for Attendance

ORD Camp is invite only BUT we keep a few spots open for newcomers. Think you can hang with the pioneers of tech in chicago over a few beers and some ego absent conversations about the future, life, star trek and the like? Fill out our call for attendance form now

Next Camp

January 23&24 2015
Google Chicago
20 W Kinzie St
Chicago, IL 60654