2018 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

Transparency Report: Reported 2018 Code of Conduct Violations

The magic of ORD Camp works best if campers are comfortable, safe, and able to be their full selves. In order to make that possible, and to stake out what kind of community and event we want to have, we launched a Code of Conduct in 2014.

Codes of Conduct don’t exist just to prevent bad behavior — they’re there so that there’s a system in place when things go wrong. A critical step in addressing a Code of Conduct violation is to circle back and make space to learn and grow as a community. In that spirit, in advance of the 2019 ORD Camp, we’re sharing the reports we received in 2018, and how we acted on them.


  • An ORD camper witnessed an attendee become inebriated and inappropriately touch another attendee, a violation of the Code of Conduct, and reported the behavior to an ORD Camp organizer. The attendee was removed and will not be welcomed back to ORD Camp. The incident was closed.

  • An ORD Camp alderperson heard a camper describe being approached by another attendee who made an inappropriate comment, a stereotype about the the camper’s race, in violation of the Code of Conduct. The targeted person did not feel comfortable identifying the person who violated the code of conduct. The incident was closed.

In advance

ORD Camp organizers made sure that people who were banned from the event previously were not on the attendee list and hired private security to ensure that only approved attendees were present.

In conclusion

This report is an experiment with the goals of making how we handle reported violations more transparent and ultimately making ORD Camp more welcoming.

Thank you

Thank you to PyCon’s code of conduct transparency report, and Laurenellen McCann’s work with Code for America’s network team on their transparency reports for the excellent examples. Lastly, thanks to Erie Meyer for suggesting and helping assemble this transparency report.