Camp 2011: Session Ideas

This is where you can add your ideas for sessions. These ideas may be preliminary and incomplete, and can disappear at any time!


Gamin Like it’s 1979: Why Interactive Fiction is Hot Again

Use ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS to Talk to People in OTHER COUNTRIES — ham radio and other modern miracles.

Trussell & Tolva

The End of The Recording Industry: File Sharing & Other Disruptions. What’s Next?


Lucid Dreaming – Methods of Hacking the Subconscious Mind for Ideas and Problem Solving

Low-Cost, Low-Tech Aerial Photography

How to Play Xiang Qi – One of Chess’s Grandparents

Hacking Commercial EEG-Based Toys to Control Other Devices Via Brain Waves


Hacking/Bending Musical and Video Circuits and Devices – Acquiring and Recycling Discarded Technology


What is chiptune, and how to write your own chip music

Christen Carter

How to start your own museum


Critical thinking and otherly musings in documentary radio*

*and/or podcasting, etc.


Hacking China III: Walking through a couple new electronics products I worked on in 2010 on a four figure budget (with show and tell)


Bending the Microsoft Kinect to your will (with a cool interactive music demo if my will is sufficiently strong)

Lockpicking for fun and profit more fun


Chemical Explosions, Crowds and Camera Crews: Adventures from Living 24/7 in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry


Turn ON the Draw: reclaiming drawing as a thinking tool


Social engineering and how not to sell your soul (or your future) to a VC

Intro to Wushu Ropedart (ancient chinese weapon)


Behind the headlines: what are those Palantir Technologies people up to, anyway?


Teaching Students how to be Hackers: See session notes from last year


If more women coded, the world would be a better place. Yes or No?


Sequenced tattoo murals, tattoo conventions and competitions, and the unexpected presence of computer science and engineering in Hell.

Moshe Tamssot

“The Art & Science of Smoking Pigs” – Friday Evening Random Act of BBQ, Saturday Presentation (there may be rib tips 🙂