Camp 2009: Who Came?

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Zach Kaplan – Inventables (Chicago, IL) Also check out Inventables new marketplace
Harper Reed – Threadless/skinnyCorp (Chicago, IL)
Adrian Holovaty – EveryBlock/Django (Chicago, IL)
Brian Fitzpatrick – Engineering office Founder & Manager, Google Inc. (Chicago, IL), author (Subversion), and open source/community-oriented software development pontificator
John Zeratsky – FeedBurner designer, now Google user experience designer; sailor and occasional writer/speaker (Chicago, IL)`
Paul Smith – EveryBlock (Chicago, IL); also: who represents yourails-to-trailspolitical tchotchkery
Ian Bicking – The Open Planning Project, Open Source Python programmer (e.g.) (Chilcago)
Arturo Vittori – Architecture and Vision (Rome, Italy). Designer/Architect,
Evan Miller – Economics Ph.D. student, University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Keith Schacht – Crafted Fun
Moshe Tamssot – Founder, Kraft New Services, Inc | Founder, InnovationCenter | Founder, Monks of Invention
Nathan Ingersoll – Software Engineer, Google Inc. (Chicago, IL); open source developer on the Enlightenment project; sporadic bloggerlck
David Falck – Software Engineer and Project Manager, Autodesk Labs (Chicagoland); co-founder of Cumulate Labs, Inc.
Shelly Mujtaba – Technical Lead, Autodesk SAAS group; co-founder Cumulate Labs, Inc.
Anders Conbere – Software Developer, but mostly just a dude
Borja Sotomayor – Computer Science Ph.D. candidate, University of Chicago (Chicago, IL); involved in grid computing and cloud computing research; open source developer on the Haizea and OpenNebula projects; education enthusiast.
Matt Shobe – FeedBurner co-founder and designer/writer, now user experience designer at Google. General aviation pilot. (Park-Ridge-Upon-O’Hare, IL)
John Tolva – experience design, philanthropy, cultural heritage, social media – IBM and Ascent Stage (Chicago, IL)
Richard Yoo – Founder & Former-CEO Rackspace Hosting, Founder & Former CEO ServerBeach, Founder Hush Labs (Houston, TX)
Dan O’Neil – EveryBlock (Chicago, IL). CTA AlertsctatweetWriterpoetmore here.
Leon Chism – Viewpoints (Chicago, IL)
David Beazley – Independent software developer, Python hacker, and book author.
Nate Kontny (Chicago, IL) one of the founders of Inkling
Andrew Mason (Chicago, IL), founder of The Point and Groupon
Sara Schnadt (Chicago, IL), Performance and New Media artist, IA/Co-founder/Project Manager for Chicago Artists Resource, planning committee member for Technology in the Arts Conference, Carnegie Mellon
Joe Born (Chicago, IL) CEO Neuros Technology Open Source Multimedia Device Manufacturer
Ted Homatas (Chicago, IL) Co-Founder of txtful
Jacob Lee – Software Engineer, Google Inc. (Chicago, IL). Music nerd.
Dan Ratner – Internation Man of Mystery.  Reportedly COO/CTO of Sittercity, serial entrepreneur and supposed nanotech author.  Sought after by authorities in at least three fictional countries under an assortment of assumed names.  Please feel free to suggest new ones.
Charlie Catlett – CIO at Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago), pretty good drummer, in past lives director of TeraGrid, founding chair Global Grid Forum, creator of I-WIRE, CTO of NCSA.
Jason “hugs” Huggins – Co-Founder Sauce Labs  — Python hacking, software build/test automationsemi-authorhardware hacking with Arduino. (Oak Park  IL)
Erin McKean, Dictionary Evangelist, Dress Blogger (A Dress A Day) (Chicago, IL)
Jason Rexilius – – (Evanston, IL) systems architect, hacker, malcontent..
Matt Hellige – Accenture Technology Labs (Chicago, IL). Hacker, interested in programming languages, functional programming, lots of other stuff.
Conrad Jahrling – Design Engineer at Sloan Valve (Franklin Park, IL). Music enthusiast and sporadic blogger.
Gwendolyn Graff – Wrigley Company – Gum-ologist/Chemist (Chicago, IL) – interested in anything creative – visual thinker/ideator. One-hit Facebooker and despairingly poor texter or blogger – i just can’t figure out all these new-fangled communication things – where does everybody get the time?
Adam Siegel (Chicago, IL) other founder of Inkling
Jim Kimball –  S C Johnson and Son, Inc.(Very Nippy, WI) – Connecting Consumer Insights, Technology Enablers, and Business Opportunities for enhanced consumer products in and around the home
Cory Wright (Houston, TX) Python Developer / SysAdmin at Hush Labs, mandolin picker, certifiable DNS Fool.
David Chelimsky (Chicago, IL) Lead Developer at Articulated Man, and Lead Developer/Maintainer of RSpec
Parrish Hanna, Global Director of Experience Planning, Motorola (Chicago)
Frank Wiles (Lawrence, KS) – Revolution Systems, LLC.  Author/admin/developer specializing in scaling and performance of Open Source systems
Dylan Richard (Chicago, IL) – Engineer @ skinnyCorp/threadless and mostly inactive car/diesel nerd.
Jeff Talbot (Chicago, IL) Lead Developer at Inventables
Phil Lomac (Chicago, IL) Musician/Songwriter and Customer Success at Inventables
Matt Maloney (Chicago, IL) SingerDancerStoryteller, Ex-Sys Admin, Founded
John Bracken (flinty Chicago) MacArthur Foundation
Josh McAdams (Chicago, IL) – Googler
Dirk Elmendorf (San Antonio, TX) – Founder Rackspace, Home Brewer/Beer Drinker, New Dad
Ben Singer – gravitytank (Chicago, IL) – interested in innovation driven by research insight, and the power of design thinking. 10yrs as VLSI designer.
Ben Collins-Sussman – TechLead at Google (Chicago) for Google Code Project Hosting, co-founder of Subversion project, bluegrass banjo player,musical theater composer, photography geek
Aaron Salmon (Chicago, IL) – Independent Web Designer and Front-End Developer  –  Geek about online community building, social entrepreneurism and more. Local bar pool team captain and new dog owner in training.