Camp 2010: Who Came?

People like you!

Aaron Salmon
Adam Siegel
Adrian Holovaty
Ali Pasha
Anders Conbere
Andre Pluess
Andrew Huff – editor & publisher of Gapers Block
Andrew Mason
Anjali Shenoy – Founder – Integrated social networking for users in micro communities.
Atkins Meyer – Engineering Director at Threadless. Console hacker and Android nerd.
Barry Rodgers – Principal at Northside Prep.  Most interested in creating the Creating the 21st Century Classroom — enhancing learning through 1:1 mobile computing.
Ben Collins-Sussman
Ben Hagen – Likes to break things and then make them (more) secure.
Ben Singer
Benjamin T Stanley – Bell Flavors and Fragrances (Chicago, IL) Research and Development Chef and Passionate Foodie. Looking to organize and inspire fun Chicago dining events.
Billy Whited
Blagica Bottigliero – Interested in bridging various forms of technology (ex online marketing meets python), while finding various new pronunciations of my first name .
Borja Sotomayor – Computer Science Ph.D. candidate, University of Chicago (Chicago, IL); involved in grid computing and cloud computing research; open source developer on the Haizea and OpenNebula projects; CS education enthusiast.
Brett Elemendorf
Brian Duncan
Brian Fitzpatrick – Google (Chicago, IL) Interested in building an engineering culture in Chicago, the Open Web, and customer service
Britt Selvitelle – Twitter (San Francisco, CA) Interested in people getting passionate about things.
Brynn Evans (San Francisco, CA)
Charles Adler – Co-Founder of Kickstarter : passionate @ ux, design, social technologies, and an open web. looking fwd to learning something ne
Charlie Catlett
Charlie Festa
chetan conikee
Chris Gansen (Chicago, IL) – web stuff for IBM, always in search of a good taco.
Chris McAvoy – VP Technology, skinnyCorp / Threadless – but I’d really like to talk about roasting coffee or flying kites. I’d like to hear someone else talk about server side javascript.
Chris Messina (San Francisco, CA)
Chuck Templeton
Cole Pierce (Chicago, IL) Artist, makes paintings, sound and video installations, and mix CDs. Also a videographer for the Chicago Teachers Center of NEIU
Conrad Jahrling
Cory Wright
Craighton Berman (Chicago, IL) – Designer of objects, interactions, and experiences. (
Dan O’Neil
Dan Ratner
Dan Sinker – Asst Professor @ Columbia College Chicago, founder
Daniel Sauter – Asst. Professor, UIC New Media Arts; Organizer Processing.Android
Dave Baum – Google (Chicago, IL)
Dave Goodman
David Anderson
David Beazley
David Chelimsky
David Falck
Dennis McClendon
Dirk Elemendorf
Doug Bradbury – 8th Light, Inc – Knows how to build software.
Drew Olson
Dylan Richard
Eric Lunt
Eric Marcoullier
Eric Peyton
Frank Wiles – Revolution Systems, LLC – PostgreSQL and Django, centered around scaling and performance. Lawrence, Kansas.
Gwendolyn Graff
Harper Reed
Howard Tullman
Ian Bicking – Man At Large (Minneapolis) – expanding the reach of the open source ethic, civics, Python stuff
Igor Stamenkovic
Ioan Raicu
Jacob Lee – Google (New York, erstwhile of Chicago)
Jason Gessner
Jason Huggins – (Oak Park, IL) – Founder, Sauce Labs Inc. Creator, Selenium web testing library. Interested in cloud app development; open source hardware hacking. (Arduino!)
Jason Kunesh – Fuzzy Math (Chicago): luvs ux, service design, internet of things, social responsibility, guitars, comics, narrative arts.
Jason Rexilius
Jason Tillery – thinklinkr: Interested in real-time web application development.
Jeff Talbot
Jim Kimball
Joe Born –Neuros Technology and Digital Innovations (Chicago, IL) Interested in bringing innovation and brainpower back to physical goods
Joe Kottke
Joe Van Wettering
John Bracken
John Tolva
John Yerhot – FOSSCasts and Technicasts (Chicago, IL) Interested in music, Ruby, and teaching.
Jon Trowbridge
Jonathan Lewin
Jordan Ho
Josh McAdams
Juliana Rotich
Julie Shapiro – Third Coast Festival (Chicago, IL) – audio + radio + sound + story
Justin Massa – MoveSmart.orgMetro Chicago Info CenterNetSquared; based in Chicago
Ken Pelletier
Lara Miller
Leon Chism – dad of two, cto of viewpoints, and sometimes hacker. thinking about teams, games, serious play, knowledge acquisition, and building my outboard memory.
Mark Hayward – Full-time professional juggler, and yo-yo guy.  Cofounder of  Also interested in the Model A Ford (1928-31).
Matt Hansen – Google (Chicago, IL)
Matthew Spenko
Michael Galpert
Michelle Meminkoff
Moshe Tamssot –  Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur (American Express, GE, Kraft Foods. Founder, The Innovation Center, Inc. – currently being reinvented), Food Hacker
Nate Kontny – Co-founder of Inkling, doing prediction markets and other collaboration tools. I’ve been blogging a lot here.
Nathan Ingersoll
Nikola Milivojevic – (Chicago, IL), CTO @ MagDrive, start-up that brings change in Wind Industry. Likes cycling, travel and good food!
Noah Hurwitz
Pallavi Kaushik – (Chicago, IL) Technical innovator at Motorola Applied Research. MIT Media Lab alum. Enjoy linking user research and technology to business needs.
Paul Gross – Braintree Payment Solutions
Patrick McCarthy – RothMobot
Pek Pongpaet
Phil Tadros
Rania El-Sorrogy
Ravi Singh – (Burbs,IL)Interested in all things mobile and portable from UMPC’s &mobile platforms Android,iPhone,Blackberry,WinMo,S60. Even the Zune !
Richard Yoo
 Richie Vos – Web apps, aquariums, scuba (Chicago, IL)
Ross Kimbarovsky  – coFounder, crowdSPRING.
Ryan Blitstein – The SGE Fund (Chicago, IL) – Interested in fostering (and funding) innovation for social benefit
Sara Schnadt – artist, co-founder Chicago Artists Resource, i <3 data aesthetics/vis, empowering artists w/ open source
Scott Robbin – formerly of Songza, currently of Weightshift. – my non-web hobby: learning how to play the drums. (Chicago, IL)
Scott van den Plas
Scott Wilson
Sean Chou
Shelly Mujtaba
Stel Valavanis – onShore Networks and AM3 and ECMC and We the People Media (Chicago, IL) interested in asterisk, mythtv, openwrt
Steve Brown – Steve Brown Gallery & Steve Brown Is My Hero (Cleveland, OH) – yo-yo performer + art dealer + entrepreneur
Steve Cardamone — — — “Lockport, IL” — Passionate about humanity and helping folks find and use their gifts. MBA with a heart. Interested in blending awesome business practices with nonprofits.
Steve Delahoyde – Filmmaker and design/architecture writer. Spends days doing things of all kinds at Coudal Partners
Ted Homatas
Tiffany Holmes
Todd Huffman
Tommy Stephenson – RothMobot
Zach Kaplan – Inventables (Chicago, IL) Also check out Inventables new marketplace