Camp 2012: Session Ideas

Patrick McCarthy

“Circuit Bending 2.0” – So you’ve hacked a toy… what’s next? Blamps!
“Xiang Qi – Chess’s Grandmother” – An interactive exploration of a critical moment in gaming history.
“Musical Cookware” – What happens when an electronics hacker is let loose in the kitchen?


Many College classes can be boring. Can technology fix this? Can we create problem-based learning that has content in various degrees to answer questions, with just the right set of problems to guide learners through important concepts? Which types of classes lend themselves to this, and which don’t? To what extent can generative content fix this?

Javaun Moradi

“We survived the Apocalypse. How do we rebuild”. At NewsFoo, Andrew Fitzgerald asked how journalists would cover the end of the world: If it hasn’t been done before, I’d like to propose a part II to Andrew’s session and ask how we (the people in the room) would rebuild civilization.


“The Dignified Art of Morse Code: txting like it’s 1870!” Learn about the amazing history, see live demos with radio hams, see cool electronics hacks to connect android phones to the radio.


“Breaking and entering 102” – this time, it’s not just door locks.
“User-defined instruments” – I’ve dreamed of having a flexible control surface for music for years. Let’s see if I can get one working.
“Vim tips and tricks swap meet” – an introduction to my favorite text editor and a time to evangelize and trade favorite plugins, tricks, and scripts.
“Whisk(e)y!” – I have bottles, you might have bottles, let’s get together and sample those bottles.

Noah Iliinsky

Visualization: Why and what and how to visualize.

Moshe Tamssot

“The Art & Science of Smoking Pigs” – A multi-sensory BBQ Experience