Camp 2018: Who Came?

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Camp 2018: Who Came?
<ul> <li>Aaron McKay — A chef and consultant by trade, I'm passionate about my work with Esperanza Community Services to provide support for children and adults with developmental disabilities.</li> <li><a href="">Abby Ross</a> — Co-founder of ThinkCERCA, loves edtech, and universal design for learning. Aspiring sommelier.</li> <li><a href="">Abigail "Abby" Raskin</a> — DC swamp thing with Chicago origins; attempting to make government technology less infuriating and more human-friendly, via the U.S. Digital Service.</li> <li><a href="">Abril Vela</a> — Exploring how design, making, and computational thinking can create new educational spaces.</li> <li><a href="">Ada Palmer</a> — History Professor (University of Chicago), science fiction and fantasy novelist (Terra Ignota series, Tor Books), manga/anime consultant (FUNimation, Tezuka Pro et al.), composer (Sassafrass), blogger <a href="http://(">(</a>). Specialist in the history of information, books, reading, printing, sale and distribution of books, copyright, radical thought, skepticism, atheism, censorship, information control, the Inquisition, the Italian Renaissance, the French Enlightenment, the Classical Tradition, and the role of human agency in intellectual change and historical change more generally.</li> <li><a href="">Adam Hinz</a> — Software Engineer @ Inventables</li> <li><a href="">Adam Tucker</a> — LEGO LCP and founder of the LEGO Architecture line. Developer of new museum gallery concept Blocks to Bricks opening Spring 2018.</li> <li><a href="">Ai-jen Poo</a> — Organizer and advocate for caregivers and domestic workers. I also wrote a book called the Age of Dignity.</li> <li><a href="">Alex Dorko</a> — Wasted most of my twenties looking for bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today I work for Google in Chicago and I'm starting a diaper bank in 2018.</li> <li><a href="">Alex Niemczewski</a> — CEO BallotReady</li> <li><a href="">Alexandra Petri</a> — I write a humor column for the Washington Post. I love puns, history, and learning about how ridiculous dinosaurs actually looked.</li> <li><a href="">Allen Hemberger</a> — I am pretty tall (I mean, there are taller people out there, but still) and have an odd beard. My beard usually smells nice (note to self: include references for this, so people don't think I'm weird).</li> <li><a href="">Alyse Gamson</a> — Mother, Wife, Maker. Interested in blending ancient crafts with modern design and technology.</li> <li><a href="">Amara Enyia </a> — Policy wonk. Systems thinker. Problem solver. Nerd. Globetrotter. Athlete. Risk taker. Ideator. Organizer. Writer. Dreamer. Do-er. Not your avg Govt. Geek.</li> <li><a href="">Ameya Pawar</a> — I’m a Chicago politician and ex gubernatorial candidate who’ll be looking for work in 2019.</li> <li><a href="">Amy Sun</a> — I love making stuff!</li> <li><a href="">Andrea Newberry</a> — Fashion designer empowering women to breastfeed wherever they damn well please. Mom, moto rider, bikes are fun. (I don't trust nothin that don't have 2 or 18 wheels). Seeker of balanced energies and good fucking times.</li> <li><a href="">Andrea Saenz</a> — Work on making information and learning fun and broadly accessible as chief strategy officer for Chicago Public Library, chair board of Instituto del Progreso Latino and parent a wildly entertaining 8yr old artist. Former: Chicago Public Schools, US Dept of Ed &amp; various non-profits helping people find their way in education and careers.</li> <li><a href="">Andrés Lemus-Spont</a> — South Side-based designer and fabricator. Founder of Building Brown Workshop. Co-creator of the FrankenToyMobile. Teaching artist, mentor, big fan of cute things.</li> <li><a href="">Andrew McLaughlin</a> — Now: Fighting GOP Trumpism via Higher Ground Labs; teaching innovation at Yale; boards at Access Now, Public Knowledge, Brooklyn Public Library, Chartbeat. Past: betaworks, Obama White House, Google, Digg, Instapaper, Medium, Tumblr, ICANN.</li> <li><a href="">Andrew Huff</a> — Former journalist, current publicist. Host of live lit show Tuesday Funk and creative variety show 20x2 Chicago. Sideburns.</li> <li><a href="">Andrew Scarpelii</a> — Co-founder and organizer of ChiTownBio, Chicago's first public biology lab and science writer. Bioart instructor at the SAIC and Associate Professor at National Louis University.</li> <li><a href="">Andy Sabin</a> — Helping people hear better without them spending a fortune (now working for Bose)</li> <li><a href="">Andy Schwegler</a> — Chicago-based graphic designer and owner of Letterform and Nourishing Notes. I like my Italian subs from Bari, beefs from Johnny’s, and hot dogs from Jimmy’s.</li> <li>Angela Aspito — Educator, hospitality professional, business consultant, sommelier and private chef. I am passionate about all things food and wine, and driven by opportunities for positive disruption in all industries.</li> <li><a href="">Anita Sarkeesian</a> — Creator of Feminist Frequency, a non profit media organization that critically analyzes pop culture and provides the tools and language to foster a more media literate world... or we ruin your favourite tv shows, movies and video games. Really depends on your perspective.</li> <li><a href="">Anne Petersen</a> — Director of User Experience at Fastspot, head of Safety and Inclusion for HighEdWeb, ex-president of Chicago Nerd Social Club and Pumping Station: One. Interdisciplinarian. Intersectionalist. Geek.</li> <li>April Lehman — Search nerd (def: a nerd who hasn't picked her head up from all things Search at Google for over a decade), mom, hiker, runner, woodworker and beginning guitarist. Instead of sleeping, I spend the extra hours in the day working on practical ways to make tech a more inclusive field.</li> <li><a href="">Asher Vollmer</a> — Asher Vollmer made a popular number sliding game for phones called Threes and now he's coping with the fact that somehow that didn't solve all the world's problems.</li> <li><a href="">Audrey Yang</a> — UX research mercenary. Enjoys diving (with air but especially without), naps with piglets, timid motorcycling, shoddy welding, and loitering about junkyards.</li> <li><a href="">Aviva Rosman</a> — Co-founder at BallotReady - we make it easy to vote informed on your entire ballot. Former very local elected official.</li> <li><a href="">Aziz Gilani</a> — VC in Houston. Quick to form an opinion, but even faster to change based on data.</li> <li><a href="">Barton Dring</a> — I am Full Stack Inventor with an emphasis on motion control and micro-electronics.</li> <li><a href="">Bella Bahhs</a> — Architect of Community Construction at The Decarceration Collective and founder of Sister Survivor Network, Bella BAHHS (Black Ancestors Here Healing Society) is an imminent revolution.</li> <li><a href="">Ben Collins-Sussman</a> — Engineering Site Lead @ Google Chicago. Theater composer, pianist, banjoist, interactive fiction author, photographer, sketcher, radio ham, dad. Mostly harmless.</li> <li><a href="">Ben Berkowitz</a> — CEO/Founder @SeeClickFix. Board Member/Founder @MakeHaven. Dad. Skateboards. Civic Activist.</li> <li><a href="">Ben Uyeda</a> — My background is in architecture and tech but now I publish designs for affordable housing and furniture online.</li> <li><a href="">Benjamin Miles</a> — Maker, breaker, designer, developer... you get the idea. Interactive design lead at Tock.</li> <li><a href="">bethanye McKinney Blount</a> — Founding Team at Project Include &amp;&amp; Co-founder/CEO at Compaas. Worked some other places you've probably heard of.</li> <li><a href="">Bill Duane</a> — Recently retired Superintendent of Well-Being at Google, starting a year or three of exploring to see what career #3 might look like. Interested in human happiness, social justice, organizational/cultural design and mindfulness. <a href=""></a></li> <li><a href="">Bill Fienup</a> — Bill Fienup is the co-founder and managing director of mHUB, an innovation center for physical product development and manufacturing.</li> <li><a href="">Bill Hammack</a> — Creator of engineerguy videos on pop cans, scientific toys and 19th century calculating machines. <a href=""></a></li> <li><a href="">Bitsy Bentley</a> — Community Data Manager at Participatory Budgeting Project. We help communities collectively decide how to spend public money.</li> <li><a href="">Bob Clagett</a> — I make stuff for a living and show people how I do it for free on the internet. It's the best job ever.</li> <li><a href="">Bob Lee</a> — CEO of Present Company <a href="http://(">(</a>. Former CTO of Square.</li> <li><a href="">Borja Sotomayor</a> — Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Chicago. Enabler of geeks and hackers. Education enthusiast.</li> <li><a href="">Brad Rodriguez</a> — Freshly freed from 17 years in corporate America. Husband, Father, Woodworker, YouTuber, Podcaster, Digital Marketer.</li> <li><a href="">Brady Forrest</a> — Making rockstars @Ignitetalks; Author <a href=""></a> ; SF arts support @castsf; @KauffmanFellows Class 22; ex-@highway1io;</li> <li>Brant Macduff — Taxidermist (yes, seriously) and comedian who uses humor to educate people about natural history and wildlife conservation.</li> <li><a href="">Brian Malow</a> — Science comedian/evangelist/communicator/producer. Also interested in streaming video, including live streaming, via apps and set-top boxes.</li> <li><a href="">Brian McGinn</a> — Filmmaker, Goldendoodle Enthusiast.</li> <li><a href="">Brian Fitzpatrick</a>&nbsp;—&nbsp;Co-Founder of <a href="">Tock</a>. Xoogler. Co-Founder of <a href="">ORD Camp</a> and resident Chicagophile. Chaotic Good.</li> <li><a href="">Brian Turnbull</a> — I’m an engineering manager at Google in Chicago, father of 2, gamer, and foodie.</li> <li>Brian Steckel — Brian Steckel is a Chicago based multi-media artist. His works range from 2D/3D animation, projection mapping, stop motion, programming/electronics tinkering, and tactile/handmade works.</li> <li>Brian Rutkowski — I'm an electrical engineer with a fascination for weird. I'm always looking for rabbit holes.</li> <li><a href="">Brian Boyer</a> — Hacker journalist. Currently VP Product + People at Spirited Media, formerly editor at NPR Visuals and Chicago Tribune News Applications.</li> <li><a href="">Britton Picciolini</a> — 15yr Googler, teacher, EdTech fan, geek, photographer, empty nester, traveler</li> <li><a href="">Bryan Jones</a> — Neuroscientist exploring how neural systems (retina) are built and wired together. Photographer, Advocate for specialized knowledge.</li> <li><a href="">Carl Malamud</a> — I'm a public servant. Sometimes civil. Former radio station operator. Not a lawyer.</li> <li><a href="">Carlie Fairchild</a> — Carlie leads a motley team of geeks and journalists over at Linux Journal. She also plays a mean game of classic Mario Brothers.</li> <li><a href="">Cate Huston</a> — I send letters from airports. <a href=""></a></li> <li><a href="">Cecilia Tham</a> — Underdog Advocate / Compulsive Entrepreneur / Technology Enthusiast / Unapologetic Speaker / Maker / Educator</li> <li><a href="">Cesar Kuriyama</a> — Creative Human Person / Geek / TED2012 speaker / 3D VFX artist / Educator. Founder/CEO of 1 Second Everyday. Obsessed w/ VR/AR/MR.</li> <li><a href="">Char Genevier</a> — Passions include building software, skiing, solving puzzles, drinking good wine, and eating good food. Fascinated by AI, transhumanism, and understanding our consciousness outside of a religious framework.</li> <li><a href="">Charles Adler</a> — designer, entrepreneur, cyclist, runner, outdoors type interested in creativity and creators. <a href="">kickstarter</a> co-founder, <a href="">lost arts</a> founder.</li> <li><a href="">Charlie Catlett</a> — I’m a computer scientist searching for ideas to make cities work better for everyone.</li> <li><a href="">Chelsea Troy</a> — Formerly at <a href="">Pivotal</a>. Now I write code for <a href="">Ascent</a> and <a href="">Resistbot</a>. Learning to identify wine types by taste and working on my first muscle up. Often <a href="">I write</a>, and sometimes <a href="">I paint</a>.</li> <li><a href="">Chris DiBona</a> — Google&nbsp;<a href="">Open Source</a>, <a href="">Making</a>, <a href="">Gaming</a> , <a href="">Skiing</a>&nbsp;and Advisor to <a href="">RUSI</a>.</li> <li><a href="">Chris Holmes</a> — I am dj/producer and tech nerd. For the last 8 years I've toured and doing opening sets for Paul McCartney. I have been an advisor for New Frontiers at Sundance Labs and am currently working with new projects in VR</li> <li><a href="">Christen Carter</a> — Business owner, manufacturer, co-curator, new author - all around pin-back buttons at Busy Beaver <a href="">Button Co</a>. and <a href="">Museum</a>. Also, I like to fix up old buildings.</li> <li>Christi Ahee — Chicago ceramic artist who creates functional wares.</li> <li><a href="">Christian Picciolini</a> — Author of <em>WHITE AMERICAN YOUTH: My Descent into America's Most Violent Hate Movement—and How I Got Out</em>, peace activist, former extremist. Emmy-winner, TEDx speaker, Nutella lover.</li> <li><a href="">Chrys Wu</a> — Helping and celebrating people who work with technology. Usually self-effacing, also observes norms. Therefore:&nbsp;<a href="">Write/Speak/Code</a> co-founder, <a href="">Robot Film Festival</a> producer, polyglot and hunter of experimental cocktails.&nbsp; Interested in how people transmit complex concepts to each other.</li> <li><a href="">Chye-Ching Huang</a> — Law &amp; economics, tax/budget &amp; anti-poverty policy. Now mostly trying to stop tax/budget laws that hurt low- and moderate-income people (ACA repeal, tax bill).</li> <li><a href="">Clare Sammells</a> — Cultural anthropologist specializing in questions of food, tourism, Bolivia, and zombies.</li> <li><a href="">Conrad Fuhrman</a> — CTO Futureman Digital, building I love cats, records, beer, new tech, and Chicago. Disney fanatic.</li> <li><a href="">Corey Gilkey</a> — Owner of LDRS1354 Brand and Store, Partner with Boxville Bronzeville Chicagos first shipping container mall. Owner of Friistylechi, we collaborate with different chefs on Pomme Frite cuisine.</li> <li><a href="">Corinne Mucha</a> — Cartoonist, illustrator and teaching artist. My last graphic novel was about a breakup. I have spent an abundance of time drawing meditating dogs.</li> <li><a href="">Coya Paz</a> —</li> <li><a href="">Craighton Berman</a> — Designer, illustrator, educator &amp; idea-chaser. Also, dadcore.</li> <li><a href="">Dan O'Neil</a> — Product &amp; business at @adhocteam. Board at @voqal and @city_bureau. Conceptual artist. I document things.</li> <li>Dan Jorisch — New dad with boy+girl twins.</li> <li><a href="">Dan Nelson</a> — Director of Design at Tock and Co-Owner of The Ruby Tap, a wine bar in Milwaukee, WI</li> <li><a href="">Dan Sinker</a> — Director of @opennews, co-host of @sayswhopodcast, lived through the worst year of my life.</li> <li><a href="">Dan Ratner</a> — Entrepreneur and writer - interest in making the world better and enjoying life.</li> <li><a href="">Dan Shapiro</a> — Making lasers at Glowforge. Author, Hot Seat: Startup CEO Guidebook. Why yes, I will try your game.</li> <li>Daniel Berlin — Director of Languages, Optimizations, and Libraries @ Google. In my spare time I build very precise CNC equipment and then use it to screw up wood and metal projects by large margins.</li> <li><a href="">David Altenburg</a> — Writes software and rides bikes. Continuously surprised at how much he likes being a dad.</li> <li><a href="">David Kalt</a> — Focused on the intersection of Tech, Music and Finance. Founded Reverb and Co-founded optionsXpress</li> <li><a href="">David Hornik</a> — VC (August Capital), Lecturer (GSB, HLS), Executive Producer (The Lobby), Board Member (GLAAD), Husband (Pamela), Father (Julian, Noah, Darrow, Beckett).</li> <li><a href="">David Picciuto</a> — I hacked life and earn my keep by making fun how-to videos on the YouTubes.</li> <li><a href="">David Pablo Cohn</a> — Antarctic Open Source instigator and Code Ninja of the High Seas. Farm owner. Writer of short stories. Easily distracted by - ooh, is that cheese?</li> <li><a href="">Dawn Xiana Moon</a> — Founder/Director of Raks Geek (nerd-themed bellydance and fire performance). Singer-songwriter blending folk pop with jazz and traditional Chinese music. UXer and web dev. Essayist and speaker about diversity/inclusion, art, and culture. Bellydancing Wookiee with a serious case of wanderlust.</li> <li><a href="">Dean Putney</a> — First software engineer at Glowforge. Previously Boing Boing. Looking for the wonderful weird in life.</li> <li><a href="">Dennis McClendon</a> — Mapmaker and Chicago history geek. Passionate about transit and cities.</li> <li><a href="">Derek Groothuis</a> — Professional geek and manager of same. Still trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing with my life. We are Groot.</li> <li><a href="">Dirk Elmendorf</a> — Rackspace founder. Obsessed with boring SasS. Programmable cnc</li> <li><a href="">DJ Patil</a> — Former Fed, Academic, and Industry -- working to make technology &amp; data work for us rather than against us</li> <li><a href="">Doctor Popular</a> — Game designer, cartoonist, chiptune musician, and professional yo-yoer living in San Francisco.</li> <li><a href="">Don Schwarz</a> — Google Engineer and dad who enjoys designing board games, playing pinball and foosball, and making things.</li> <li><a href="">Dustin Penner</a> — Husband of one, Father of two, YouTuber to several.</li> <li><a href="">Dylan Richard</a> — tech and people and stuff.</li> <li><a href="">Eden Robins</a> — Writer of weird novels, self-absorbed essays, and comedy videos for Big Pharma. Former slinger of sex toys, podcaster, and short fiction editor.</li> <li>Eileen Duffner — I'm a software engineer at tock who enjoys edm, glassblowing, and ultimate frisbee</li> <li><a href="">Eileen Murphy Buckley</a> —I am an English teacher/the founder and CEO of ThinkCERCA, a personalized literacy platform that teaches critical thinking through argumentative writing. And I have 4 kids, so no hobbys just now.</li> <li><a href="">Eileen Donovan</a> — Fascinated by the development, usage and mutation of language. Lover of obscure words. Veteran. Helicopter and tiltrotor pilot. Exceedingly clumsy (read: accident prone) person who is actually fairly coordinated. Locked in a lifelong battle with gravity.</li> <li><a href="">Elan Lee</a> — Exploding Kittens Creator Max Temkin wannabe [ed note: aren't we all -asher]</li> <li><a href="">Elizabeth (Liz) Gerber</a> — Design Prof @ Northwestern, Design For America co-Founder, Game Designer, Improvisor, 1994 Vermont All-Star Math League Champion, Organizer of Mischief, bigger than a bread box</li> <li><a href="">Elois Joseph</a> — I'm working to change the narrative of Chicago's minority youth by introducing them to computer science and the financial industry.</li> <li><a href="">Emilie Hsieh</a> — Co-founder and CEO of Allie, helping companies build inclusive culture. NYC-based, (suburban) Chicago-born. Recovering consultant, coffee and data nerd, overthinker of bios.</li> <li><a href="">Emma Coats</a> — Creative Writing for AI at Google. I lead the team of writers writing the Google Assistant's personality. Formerly a story artist at Pixar, always curious and always learning.</li> <li><a href="">Emmanuel Pratt</a> — Artist, architect, and urban planner with a firm focus on regenerative neighborhood development</li> <li><a href="">Eric Antonow</a> — I currently work on making it easier for people to get healthy, die older and stronger. Now COO of Metabolic. Previously enjoyed being on teams at Instagram, Facebook, Google, misc startups.</li> <li><a href="">Eric Lunt</a> — CTO, co-founder of Signal. Ex-FeedBurner, Google, <a href=""></a>. Father of 3.</li> <li><a href="">Erica Baker</a> — Person of interests. I like to kick, stretch, and kick!</li> <li><a href="">Erie Meyer</a> — John Glenn enthusiast who is sort of fixated on making the government work properly.</li> <li><a href="">Erin McKean</a> — I'm the founder of <a href=""></a> and a Developer Advocate at IBM. When I'm not coding, I make (and blog about) dresses WITH POCKETS, read science-fiction novels, walk around San Francisco, and trade memes with my college-age kid.</li> <li><a href="">Erin Drain</a> — People + place connector, educator, language enthusiast, mail-sender, lapsed cellist, terroir beverage expert. Currently: regional sales director for @oleimports (Spanish wine importer), student of Mandarin Chinese, Chair of @NextBites and volunteer with @PilotLight.</li> <li><a href="">Eszter Hargittai</a> — I research people's Internet uses and teach at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, formerly prof at Northwestern for 13 years. My passions: making art (Artist Trading Cards! also larger paintings, pottery), photography, travel (especially hiking in the US Southwest), geogames (Ingress ENL FTW). And chocolate, so it's a good thing I live in Switzerland now.</li> <li><a href="">Ethan Ide</a> — Medical device designer, proud dad, amateur food wizard, serial autodidact, programmer, nature lover, sometimes blacksmith, MS crusader. Proud member of Fox.Build maker space. Lets make something.</li> <li><a href="">Eva Robert</a> — Googler working on video ads forecasting. Interested in crafting, cooking, nail art, gaming, and having too many hobbies. Also a mom to three fur babies (two cats and a very sassy dog).</li> <li><a href="">Evan Sheline</a> — One half of Evan and Katelyn, a husband and wife YouTube maker team (the nerdy, tinkering, engineering-brained half). We're hustling our way toward a business of our own and loving the awesome community we're a part of</li> <li><a href="">Eve Ewing</a> — I'm a sociologist who studies race &amp; education in cities. I write lots of things (poetry, essays, various secret projects). I make spaces for other people to make poetry, especially young people.</li> <li><a href="">Ficus Kirkpatrick</a> — I'm trying to figure out if augmented reality is a thing but I like the real world too.</li> <li><a href="">Floyd Webb</a> — Filmmaker, Writer, Thinker, Tinker, Dabbler, Doer, Maker. Willing specific realities into existance in spite of prevailing realities. Valuing like and the challenging perspectives of unlike minds. Struggling to keep my glass empty.</li> <li>Francesca Slade — Software engineer passionate about teaching students how to build technology, and about how to use technology to teach students. I also sometimes play many board games ...</li> <li><a href="">Fred Kahl</a> — Fred Kahl a.k.a. the Great Fredini is an artist, designer, magician, sword swallower, and inventor who uses technology, imagination and play to create experiences invoking magic and wonder.</li> <li><a href="">Gabrielle Lyon</a> — VP Education &amp; Experience, Chicago Architecture Foundation; Founder, <a href="">Project Exploration</a> and Chicago STEM Cooperative;&nbsp;co-author &amp; artistic director, <a href="">No Small Plans</a>. I translate ideas into projects and complicated things into conversations. #NoSmallPlans</li> <li><a href="">Garrett Karp</a> — Chicago architecture/history nerd. Advocate for public access to off limits spaces. Former dude behind Open House Chicago at Chicago Architecture Foundation. Consultant for Chicago Architecture Biennial. Michigan State Spartan. Recovering trumpet player. New to longboarding. Go Cubs.</li> <li><a href="">Geoffrey Balasi</a> — 20 something. Chicago local. Product designer at Tock.</li> <li><a href="">Gillian Rode</a> — program director @fuseproject Yves Behar's design consultancy. helping teams and businesses plan and execute on integrated customer experiences across hardware, software, and retail environments. based in Oakland now but former Chicagoan.</li> <li><a href="">Gregg Latterman</a> — Gregg Latterman was a Music he is a Northwestern Professor, Investor/Mentor/Helper</li> <li><a href="">Gwendolyn Graff</a> — Maker - Serial Hobbyist - Super Aunt - Curious about everything, thus an unconference Fan! - may have coined 'Food Perfume'....oh, and bubble gum</li> <li><a href="">Harper Reed</a> — I am a normal person doing normal things</li> <li>Heba Ansari — Product Manager at Digital Ventures, former freelance makeup artist and baker. Passionate about good food.</li> <li><a href="">Heidi Lubin</a> — Will add later ;)</li> <li><a href="">Helen Rosner</a> — New Yorker food writer, writer on other topics for other places. Obsessive consumer (in all senses of the word).</li> <li><a href="">Hunter Walk</a> — NYC'er who grew SF roots. Lover of stories.</li> <li><a href="">Jackie Ros</a> — I'm the Founder of Revolar, a personal safety device company on a mission to make safety accessible to everyone. I love tech, bad jokes, dancing, and have a passion for sustainability.</li> <li><a href="">Jacob Dehart</a> — Founder of Threadless, Picturelife, Thrilled, Porcini. Owner of The Heritage Restaurant. Beekeeper.</li> <li><a href="">Jacob Matthews</a> — Programmer, computer scientist, fledgling improviser.</li> <li><a href="">Jacqui Cheng</a> — Editor-in-Chief of Wirecutter, Editor-at-Large at Ars Technica, writer, editor, "avocational" violinist, urban gardener.</li> <li><a href="">James T Green</a> — James T. Green is an artist, educator, and radio producer. He was a graduate lecturer at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, shown work at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, and created stories at MTV News and Gimlet Media.</li> <li><a href="">Jana Kinsman</a> — I keep over 40 beehives here in Chicago, mostly on the south side. Lately I've been into Longleaf pines (Pinus palustra) and southeastern forestry, keeping an accidental pet spider to eliminate my fruit fly problem (it just died), and grappling with the social, mental, and emotional impacts of making very little money. AMATEUR POMOLOGIST</li> <li><a href="">Janice Bond</a> — Curator, Interdisciplinary Artist, Cultural Producer. I love the arts, especially focusing on developing and sustaining hyper local creative economies.</li> <li><a href="">Janna Sobel</a> — Host of Here Chicago Storyshow and creator of the Intuitive Treasure Hunter game. I teach at The Second City, offer applied Improv &amp; Storytelling workshops that help groups improve psychological safety, and help public speakers from TED Talkers to Moth GrandSlam winners tell artful stories. Keen on the benefits of listening, intuition &amp; trust. <a href=""></a></li> <li><a href="">Jason Kunesh</a> — I'm a product design leader with a social enterprise twist. I like tall tales and funny stories told through art, music, or anyway to share ideas with people.</li> <li><a href="">Jason Heltzer</a> — Partner at Origin Ventures. Professor at Booth. Former software engineer. Former state-ranked high school high jumper. Seen every best picture movie.</li> <li><a href="">Jason Gessner</a> — art school drop out, mediocre photographer, parent of two amazing teenage girls, Googler, Third Coast International Audio Festival board member, Milwaukeean</li> <li>Jay Hoffman — Lots of different things - Founder of Rocket Travel (a: PCLN), contributor at Groupon, United, Chicago Public Schools, Mack's Frozen Custard. Interested in behavioral and positive psychology.</li> <li><a href="">JD Pirtle</a> — Artist+=educator // director of IDEA Lab and Program, IDEA:TE Conference at Catherine Cook School in Chicago // I love martial arts, fermenting foods, watching TV with my wife, and playing D&amp;D with my kids.</li> <li><a href="">Jeanne Marie Olson</a> — Education (in Chicago), Data, Design; community-led development in Ethiopia. Hooked on research and liberating data to empower communities.</li> <li><a href="">Jeff Solin</a> — Main Gig: CS Teacher / Maker Teacher / curriculum writer / hardware lover / FIRST FRC coach / built and run the LTMakers Lab (<a href="">@LTMakers</a> / <a href=""></a>) at Lane Tech High School. Side-Hustles: Co-founder of Chicago CSTA, Owner of <a href="">Solin Systems Consulting</a>, CS work with CPS and <a href=""></a>. Amature speedcuber (3x3 personal average abt 40 sec, <a href="">GAN 356 Air UM</a>) More Importantly: father / husband / musician / crappy beer, great tea and great Scotch enthusiast.</li> <li><a href="">Jeff Greco</a> — Helping design the future of tech and citizenship at the Obama Foundation. The highlight of his life was in 2002, when he was recognized at a message board convention by a fan of his webcomic.</li> <li><a href="">Jeff Ullrich</a> — Former podcasting guy who founded Midroll and co-founded Earwolf. Rolling Meadows native, living in LA.</li> <li><a href="">Jeff Kahn</a> — Founder/CEO of Rise, a sleep improvement company. Big fan of being reasonable at all costs.</li> <li><a href="">Jen Masengarb</a> — architectural educator @chiarchitecture; trainer of docents; writer of Chicago haiku; solver of history mysteries with @WBEZCuriousCity; explainer of building technology</li> <li><a href="">Jenna Bilotta</a> — Software product &amp; design by day, Furniture refurbishing by night.</li> <li><a href="">Jennifer Farrington</a> — President and CEO of Chicago Children's Museum. Forget everything you think you know about museums, add 400,000 kids, put me in charge...okay, now you're getting the hang of it.</li> <li><a href="">Jennifer Anastasoff</a> — I start things and grow things by building stellar teams. &nbsp;Founding member, former Head of People US Digital Service. &nbsp;Singer in a band 1x a year.</li> <li><a href="">Jennifer Brandel</a> — Enjoys asking the question: "what if people had a different way to do X?" and creating the conditions to make X happen. Founder of WBEZ's Curious City, Hearken, Dance Dance Party Party, Zebras Unite and many lucky pennies.</li> <li><a href="">Jenny Farver</a> — Kind of a Chicago tech corporate tool.&nbsp; I like building places where engineers and designers can do great work.&nbsp; Current PopularPays, former Civis Analytics, former SAHM. Hyde Park!</li> <li><a href="">Jeremy Rubens</a> - Make tools that help people make.&nbsp; Serial maker and tinkerer. Innovation Group Leader for Dremel.&nbsp;&nbsp; Trying to understand how to prepare my 2 young children for the future.</li> <li><a href="">Jesse Vincent</a> — I make keyboards. I used to make programming languages, email clients and ticketing systems.</li> <li><a href="">Jessie 'Chuy' Chavez</a> — Software Engineer for Data Liberation at Google,&nbsp; TL for Data Portability Project, Computer Science advocate in Chicago, mentor for diversity in tech initiatives, former teacher, FeedBurner alumnus, techie for various Social Justice causes. Father of two young women.</li> <li><a href="">Jim Blandy</a> — Free/Open Source software hacker, working for Mozilla. Co-author of _Programming Rust_. Learning Japanese and piano.</li> <li><a href="">Jim Lecinski</a> — Google business leader. Marketing professor. Jazz aficionado.</li> <li><a href="">Jim Rodovich</a> — Software engineer @ Inventables; not half bad at guacamole.</li> <li><a href="">Jim Coudal</a> — Learning stuff. Making stuff. Selling stuff. Repeat.Created Field Notes Brand &amp; other successful, semi-successful, and not-in-the-least-bit-successful ideas.</li> <li><a href="">Jimmy Diresta</a> — I make things in many materials and i am a good problem solver, i have over 20 patents in the toy business. i have over 1mill youtube subscribers on my channel. My youtube Channel is about inspiring people to make things for themselves.</li> <li><a href="">JoAnna Harper</a> — Teacher of adult weeklong silent Buddhist meditation retreats, works with at risk youth and non at risk youth in institutional and school settings. Helping communities and individuals that don’t typically have access to the traditional dharma settings and building multicultural community is top on her list of priorities.</li> <li><a href="">Joanne Manaster</a> — I am a university biology instructor more well known for her love of popular science books and well-curated twitter feed. You can see me talking to book authors on my Google Hangout on Air/YouTube Live event, Read Science!</li> <li><a href="">Joe Kottke</a> — SRE-type guy who likes cars, distributed systems, and baking bread.</li> <li>Joe Ardent — Bus-dwelling ex-Silicon-Valley nomad dedicated to destroying rent-seeking, wage-enslaving capitalism by distributing the automated means of universal production, health, and sustenance. I used to think technology alone was sufficient to accomplish this, but I've lately come around to the idea that some politics might have to be done.</li> <li><a href="">Joe Walnes</a> — Londoner in Chicago. Software stuff. Lots of software. All types. And a little hardware. Sometimes I make things. Sometimes they work.</li> <li><a href="">Joel Yarmon</a> — Ask me about flying! Or ski racing. Or investing. But I’d really rather talk about Alaska.</li> <li><a href="">John Dimatos</a> — Good with community and product launches, former Kickstarter and makerbot, co-founder of PWL Camp.</li> <li><a href="">John McWhirter</a> — I like to make stuff.</li> <li><a href="">John Tolva</a> — Co-Founder: CityFi. Location: West Coast of the Midwest.</li> <li><a href=" :)">John Hayes</a> — John is a digital fabricator, design-minded nature enthusiast, and a distinguished alum of the Moline Boys Choir.</li> <li><a href="">John Bracken</a> — I run the Digital Public Library of America, live in Chicago, have two bikes and am a Springsteen fan.</li> <li><a href="">Jon Wiley</a> — Director of Immersive Design at Google. ARCore, Cardboard, Daydream, Jump, Poly, Blocks, Tilt Brush, Earth VR. AR VR UX. Occasional actor. Native Texan.</li> <li>Jon Trowbridge — I'm a software engineer at Google and your friendly neighborhood ORD Camp photographer.</li> <li><a href="">Josh Bloch</a> — “Effective Java” author. Occasional CMU CS Prof. Former Google Chief Java Architect &amp; Sun Distinguished Engineer. Multichannel audio. Red sports cars. DIY solar. Rabid eclectic.</li> <li><a href="">Joshua Schachter</a> — I'm an entrepreneur and angel investor. I write social software, I build robots, and I race cars. I run Self Racing Cars.</li> <li><a href="">Josie Bray</a> — Creative Producer for Broadway-bound "Trevor The Musical," Acting Faculty at Emerson College, Movement Expert (I'm trained or certified in 10+ approaches to movement and biomechanics.) Mother of a transgender child.</li> <li><a href="">Justin Massa</a> — Portfolio Director at IDEO, Design for Augmented Intelligence (D4AI). NOLA born and raised but call Chicago home. heavily tattooed.</li> <li><a href="">Kari Love</a> — Continuously surprised that my career path has lead me through soft robotics, space suits, costumes and puppets. Spend a lot of time trying to convince people that silliness and rigor are not mutually exclusive, and to embrace interdisciplinary collaboration.</li> <li><a href="">Karl Fogel</a> — Chicago-based author and open source project consultant; professional anti-monopolist; classical musician.&nbsp; I like all the same things you do, but for different reasons.&nbsp; <a href="">@kfogel</a> on Twitter and <a href=""></a>&nbsp; Not on Facebook but not judging -- really.&nbsp; Reachable via Signal and <a href="">GPG / Keybase</a>.</li> <li><a href="">Kasia Chmielinski</a> — gender/queer feminist, storyteller through film, kids + coding. us digital service.</li> <li><a href="!">Kate McGroarty</a> —&nbsp;Ex-museum roommate, current translational science symposium organizer, future San Junipero resident. Improv, Screenwriting, Tiny Homes.</li> <li><a href="">Kate Ray</a> — Programmer/maker of internet stuff <a href="http://(">(</a>). Previously worked on science crowdfunding platform Experiment, <a href=""></a>, &amp; webpage-design tool scroll kit.</li> <li><a href="">Katelyn Sheline</a> — One half of Evan and Katelyn, a husband and wife YouTube maker team (the design-y, storytelling, marketing-brained half). We're hustling our way toward a business of our own and loving the awesome community we're a part of.</li> <li>Kathleen McCarthy — museum curator, former glassblower, in awe of the world</li> <li><a href="">Kathy Pham</a> — Harvard Berkman Klein Fellow focused on ethical tech and the intersection of tech and government. Formerly US Digital Service, Google, Cancer Fighting Sidekick.</li> <li><a href="">Kelly Ellis</a> — Engineer at MailChimp fighting for equality in the tech industry and beyond. Lover of cats, feminism, and games. Definitely just a Villager.</li> <li><a href="">Kipp Bradford</a> — I am an engineer/scientist who believes that politics and people are just as important as physics in my work. Formerly hired at the MIT Media Lab through the "Professor of Other" faculty search. Now following my heart.</li> <li><a href="">Kori Schulman</a> — Chicagoan, digital with the Obama Foundation, lover of arts and crafts.</li> <li>Kris Ardent — Paralegal chef, skoolie bus driver, drive thru salad bar enthusiast, disasterologist, determined wanderer, post-capilitalism-curious. This will all make sense in retrospect.</li> <li><a href="">Kristen Marhaver</a> — Coral scientist, Boss Lady of the Marhaver Lab, discovering probiotics that help baby corals grow. Midwest-born, living in the Caribbean, Minnesota accent available upon request.</li> <li><a href="">Kyle Welter</a> — I build online businesses, typically alongside artists in Turkey &amp; Japan. Xoogler. The marketing guy at Tock.</li> <li><a href="">Laura Thomson</a> — Runs Engineering Ops at Mozilla, sits on the board of Let's Encrypt, writes tech books and novels, lives on a farm. Australian.</li> <li><a href="">Lauren Dyson</a> — Working at the intersection of data science and public policy. Currently Applied Data Scientist with Civis Analytics, formerly @ U Chicago Urban Labs, Code for America</li> <li>Leah Neustadt — I like long naps and longer talks about feminism, food, linguistics, martial arts, being in other countries and whatever puzzle I have currently found.</li> <li><a href="">Lęfty Walkowiak</a> — Mild mannered software engineer by day, rabidly passionate horse archer… always. When I’m not practicing archery or riding my horse, I’m thinking about the practice of archery and horsemanship.</li> <li><a href="">Lila Papiernik</a> — Software engineer at Google and amateur indie game dev. I also take classes and infrequently perform improv at iO and ComedySportz.</li> <li><a href="">Lily Hevesh</a> — 19 year old professional Domino Artist and YouTuber at <a href=""></a>. I set up thousands of dominoes in intricate structures and patterns, then knock them down. College student at RPI.</li> <li><a href="">Liz Hara</a> — TV writer, puppeteer, and puppet builder. Works on Sesame Street, lives in Hollywood.</li> <li><a href="">Liz Dozier</a> — Founder &amp; CEO of Chicago Beyond: investing in, learning from and growing ideas to help level the playing field for our city’s youth living in economically fragile neighborhoods. Believes in the potential that exists within all young people. Loves good food, travel and yoga.</li> <li><a href="">Lorena Mesa</a> — Political analyst turned coder, Lorena Mesa is a Sprout Social software engineer on data science, Director on the Python Software Foundation, PyLadies Chicago co-organizer, and Tech Ladies Chicago city organizer. Part Star Wars fanatic but mostly a Trekkie, Lorena abides by the motto to "live long and prosper".</li> <li><a href="">Lucianne Walkowicz</a> — I'm an astronomer, artist, and activist, currently studying the ethics of Mars exploration as Chair of Astrobiology at the Library of Congress.</li> <li><a href="">Lucy Hewett</a> — I'm a photographer, yogi, baker and traveler. I focus on editorial and commercial commissions and am most interested in shooting people and food.</li> <li><a href="">Luke Crane</a> — I'm the Head of Games at Kickstarter and I also design and publish roleplaying games.</li> <li><a href="">Mallory Bradford</a> — Chicago stand up comedian. Google sales. But really stand up comedian.</li> <li>Manisha Chakravarthy — Manisha is a seasoned Googler who has recently taken on a new role focusing on diversity and inclusion at Google Chicago. Her approach to problem solving is heavily influenced by her childhood love for Captain Planet.</li> <li><a href="">Mara Zepeda</a> — Co-founder of Switchboard (higher ed should serve students and alumni!); Zebras Unite (startup culture should be ethical and inclusive!); XXcelerate fund (women should receive more than 4% business loans &amp; VC); Business for a Better Portland (business should contribute to not extract from local communities).</li> <li><a href="">Marcin Wichary</a> — Designer, engineer, currently writing a book about (typing) keyboards. Ex-Google, ex-Medium, ex-Code for America.</li> <li><a href="">Maria Claudia Perera</a> — Venezuelan. Social Leader. Strategy &amp; Business Development. Engineer. Public Policies (interest in Penitentiary). Political Campaigns.</li> <li><a href="">Marie Fitzpatrick</a> — Higher education funding goddess. Federal Student Aid's lead operations analyst for the $30 billion Federal Pell Grant. Lover of all things Chicago; Tea enthusiast; Cancer avoider. Childless mother of many.</li> <li><a href="">Mark Hayward</a> — Full time professional comedy yo-yo entertainer and Keynote Speaker. Maker of hand-crank wooden machines.</li> <li><a href="">Martin Urbach</a> — Percussionist Martin (pronounced mar-TEEN) Urbach is a Latinx immigrant, education activist and advocate for children. His work in the classroom is based on facilitating liberated spaces for youth to fall in love with music and to promote social justice through music making. He holds a BA in jazz performance from the University of New Orleans, a MA in jazz arts from the Manhattan School of Music and an Advanced Certificate in Music Education from Brooklyn College. He is currently an Ed.D candidate in Music Education at Teachers College at Columbia University. He teaches music and music technology at Harvest Collegiate High School in New York City. Over the past ten years, Martin has taught music, literacy, STEAM and social justice courses to over three thousand students, from PreK to graduate school. In addition, Martin keeps a busy schedule performing concerts around the world and writing music for his own projects as well as his friends' projects. When not teaching, planning or performing, one can find Martin baking and eating chocolate chip cookies, and speaking in his Cookie Monster voice.</li> <li>Mary Bauer — Plant Manager of the Lagunitas Chicago Brewery. Making innovative, tasty brews and taking an American craft beer brand global.</li> <li><a href="">Marya Spont-Lemus</a> — Writer, interdisciplinary artist, and educator who lives on Chicago’s Southwest Side. Co-creator of the FrankenToyMobile. Mentor, mentee, and collaborator to many.</li> <li><a href="">Mary Beth Goodman</a> — Passionate advocate for global development; champion for fighting corruption; former Obama White House policy wonk</li> <li><a href="">Mary Robinette Kowal</a> — Puppeteer, audiobook narrator, author. Those are the jobs. I also will happily talk about whiskey, NASA, and with much fist-shaking about activism.</li> <li><a href="">Matt Shobe</a> — Just another freaking observer. @mighty_ai co-founder, motorist, aviator, father of three, concerned citizen.</li> <li><a href="">Matt Cutts</a> — Administrator of the US Digital Service, which is the group of geeks that helped rescue <a href=""></a>. Previously, webspam team at Google.</li> <li>Matt Hansen — Googler, manager, software engineer, classic video gamer, ping ponger. Powering web search on all kinds of crazy devices.</li> <li><a href="">Matt Mullenweg</a> — Co-founder of WordPress, CEO of Automattic. Passionate about open source, free society, and jazz.</li> <li><a href="">Matt Hooks</a> — Totally not a replicant.</li> <li><a href="">Matt Handley</a> — Software engineer working on <a href=""></a>'s HTML serving. Not a fascist. Looking forward to meeting you!</li> <li><a href="">Matt Godbolt</a> — C++ chap, retro computing fan, used to make games. Loves learning about and teaching people about how computers really work.</li> <li><a href="">Matthew Hoffman</a> — I make positive public works, with the hope to make things a little better.</li> <li><a href="">Matthew Weaver</a> — Hobbies: systems administration, healthcare implementation, fixed, cold stares into the unyielding gaze of monsters.</li> <li><a href="">Matthew Roers</a> — Director of Merchandising at Rockler Woodworking focusing on Power Tools and CNC Machines.&nbsp;An enthusiastic urban beardsman, beginner maker, dangerous golfer and proud to be a Project Fi customer.</li> <li><a href="">Max Temkin</a> — Co-founder and Chief Flavor Officer at <a href=""></a>.</li> <li><a href="">Megan Rose Gedris</a> — aka Rosalarian, aka Florence of a'Labia, is a cartoonist, textile artist, burlesque performer and cheesemonger who is constantly DIYing everything.</li> <li><a href="">Meghana Rao</a> — Collector of human "ism's" and student of organizational behavior. Purveyor of talent, currently at Google and other places before. Bit of a luddite.</li> <li>Melissa Flynn — Executive Director of Green City Market, spreading Edible Education, mom of three active boys, love finding community</li> <li><a href="">Melissa Joy Maven</a> — Certified somatic sex educator. Intimacy and relationship coach. I'm often the most interesting person in the room at cocktail parties. I enjoy listening to people open up about obstacles in their love life. I also love cats and cycling.</li> <li><a href="">MiAngel Cody</a> — High Priestess in the Temple of Seditious Souls a/k/a federal criminal defense lawyer. I'm a justice ninja cutting carceral concrete with a keyboard.</li> <li><a href="">Michael Lopp</a> — Writer at <a href=""></a>. I Slack professionally.</li> <li><a href="">Michael Trinh</a> — Google lawyer, specializing in tomorrow's problems (patents, high altitude platforms, low altitude drone, and drugs). Never met a dumpling I didn't like.</li> <li><a href=" don't tweet">Michael Vo</a> — Home baker/chef,&nbsp; currently making dry cured charcuterie. Minimalist lifestyle. Connecting people through food.</li> <li><a href="">Michael B. Johnson</a> — Media Arts Technologist: U of IL Urbana-Champaign, IBM Boca Raton &amp; Cambridge Scientific Center, Swansea University, NCSA, MIT Media Lab, Thinking Machines, Pixar. I make sharp knives for storytellers - it won't fail because of me.</li> <li><a href="">Michelle Glauser</a> — I'm the founder and CEO of Techtonica, a nonprofit that offers women and non-binary adults with low incomes free tech training with living stipends and job placement. I'm also a software engineer, the lead organizer for PyLadiesSF, on the leadership team of Diversity Advocates, and on LinkedIn's top 10 professional 35 and under for software list. In 2015, I spearheaded the #ILookLikeAnEngineer ad campaign.</li> <li><a href="">Michi Trota</a> — Michi Trota is the two-time Hugo Award-winning Managing Editor of Uncanny: A Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the first Filipina Hugo Award winner. She is an essayist, public speaker, fire performance artist, food-lover, and serves as president on the board for Chicago Nerd Social Club.</li> <li>Mike Hakimi — dad, business builder, farmer, blacksmith, metal guitarist, car enthusiast, owner of one deeply flawed brain.</li> <li><a href="">Mike Davis</a> — Chemistry professor and live science demonstrator currently living in Tampa, FL. I've sent balloons, Raspberry Pis's and marshmallows into near space. Better than average bowler looking for a team.</li> <li><a href="">Mike Kunselman</a> — Founder and creator of Lincoln Fab Lab, a modern day shop class in a public high school, where students design, build, market, and sell products to fund the lab as well as their own projects, no matter how wild and crazy.</li> <li><a href="">Mike Gamson</a> — Husband, Dad, Friend, Son, Brother- Permanent apprentice</li> <li><a href="">Mike McGee</a> — Managing Director at CodeNow / Avid amateur bowler / Blue-chip TV binger / Making a Top 100 Music List for every year between 1950-until the world ends (2018)?</li> <li><a href="">Mikey Dickerson</a> — tries to maintain a small forward operating base against propaganda and authoritarianism.</li> <li><a href="">Monica Eng</a> — Monica Eng is a veteran Chicago newspaper reporter who switched to public radio reporting at WBEZ in 2013. She also co-hosts a food podcast called Chewing with Louisa Chu.</li> <li>Morris Miller — Morris Miler currently serves as CEO at Xenex. He is the founder of Sequel and Cutstone Ventures, which invests in/acts as an advisor to numerous start-ups such as Inventables, Adometry, and <a href=""></a>. He started Curtis Hill Publishing, the first company to publish Texas case law on CD-ROM, and he was also the co-founder and President/CEO of Rackspace (NYSE: RAX).</li> <li><a href="">Moshe Tamssot</a> — Lifelong Innovator with a passion for solving complex problems, performing little miracles, and figuring things out. If it’s impossible, sign me up! :)</li> <li><a href="">Nasreen Sheikh</a> — Determined to empower disadvantaged women, Nasreen founded "Local Women's Handicrafts ( LOCWOM(,"Advocate for equality, International Public speaker (</li> <li><a href="">Neal H. Patel</a> — I work for thinky organizations inside large companies, so the word "innovation" makes me smh. Class: Shaman. Alignment: Chaotic Good INT 8, STR 6, WIS 8, CON 4, DEX 6, CHA 10. +3 melee, +2 math. Abilities: Statistics (lv. 13); Hand to Hand Combat (lv. 13); Longsword (lv. 1); Archery (lv. 4); Pistol (lv. 5); Long Rifle (lv. 6); I am a Tank who out-kills the DPS.&nbsp; Affiliations: Amazon, Inc. (+); Google Advanced Technology &amp; Projects (+). My Shinigamis of choice are&nbsp;Kenpachi Zaraki and Rangiku Matsumoto.</li> <li><a href="">Neal Sales-Griffin</a> — I’m Neal, I teach beginner-focused software development and entrepreneurship to people of all ages and backgrounds. I spend most of my time connecting with people smarter than me to help out the the underserved and underrepresented in Chicago.</li> <li><a href="">Nick Campbell</a> — Detroit / Chicago : Creative Entrepreneur and Teacher. I help creative people find work that they love. Constantly Learning and trying to be 1% happier every month. Owner Of Greyscalegorilla</li> <li><a href="">Nick Kokonas</a> — Every ten years I do something new. It's been 12 years. I'm becoming concerned.</li> <li><a href="">Nick Nieman</a> — Director of Product @ Tock. I love cocktails.</li> <li><a href="">Nick Dawson</a> — Healthcare designer working on making health more equitable and humane. Extreme skier (4 ACL tears), maker of pickles, runner of marathons.</li> <li><a href="">Nick Brown</a> — Brainchild of Glappitnova. Builder of movements and communities for millennials and minorities.</li> <li><a href="">Nick Piepmeier</a> —Privacy engineer at Google Chicago by day, generative media geek, gamer, and electronic music dabbler by night. Whisk[e]y-drinker, beer-brewer, and wannabe bartender. Fascinated by tools and creative games. Long-time lover of martial arts and somewhat recently infatuated with climbing!</li> <li><a href="">Nicole Montanye</a> — Conquering the world through love and food! Impactful connections and community building is my jam.</li> <li><a href="">Nicole Sharp</a> — Aerospace engineer turned science communicator. Promoter of fluid dynamics on Tumblr and YouTube though my site FYFD, where I explain molasses floods, fish swimming in microgravity, how fire ants act like a fluid, and much more.</li> <li><a href="">Nikita Parikh</a> — Co-founder of Conduit, a software tools platform for electronics. Classical figure drawing is a new-found hobby.</li> <li>nikkya williams — "A polymath, pain in the ass..." Trademark attorney by trade, conundrum by practice.</li> <li><a href="">Nils St Cyr</a> — Guitarist, composer, Noise listener, fixer upper.</li> <li><a href="">Nina Zakharenko</a> — Nina is a software engineer with a love of python and public speaking. When I’m not coding, I spend time outdoors snowboarding, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Based in Portland, OR</li> <li>Nootan Bharani — Architect, existing-building re-use strategist, climate and community resiliency activist, printmaker, mom</li> <li><a href="">N. K. Jemisin</a> — Science fiction &amp; fantasy writer, NYT reviewer, Hugo winner, gamer in constant search of a good story.</li> <li><a href="">Nora Flanagan</a> — Lifelong Chicagoan, veteran teacher, student advocacy facilitator, competent roller derby player, low-key prepper, potential Nazi-puncher.</li> <li><a href="">Odette Yousef</a> — I'm a public media journalist, focusing on issues of equity and opportunity in the Chicago area.</li> <li><a href="">Pablo Garcia</a> — Dead media ain't dead. It's just sleeping. I make old drawing machines new, like the NeoLucida. I teach at SAIC. I dig analog virtuality. I like to make up words for the things I'm interested in. Ask me about Contextology, Dimensionectomies, and The Distractocracy.</li> <li><a href="">Pam Daniels</a> — Designer, educator, maker. Lover of cultures and people. My work is about bringing people together to imagine new possibilities and make them real.</li> <li><a href="">Parisa Tabriz</a> — Google Security Princess and Chrome Browser boss by day, cat lady by night.</li> <li><a href="">Paul Smith</a> — Co-founder and CTO of Ad Hoc, a software company making better digital government services. Think <a href=""></a>. Veteran of the DNC, EveryBlock, CNT, Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail.</li> <li><a href="">Pete Tsai</a> — Professional Tinker-addict currently a Photographer and Technologist!</li> <li><a href="">Peter Sagal</a> — Host of "Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me!" on NPR; occasional author, columnist, TV Host.</li> <li><a href="">Phillip Atiba Goff</a> — #JusticeNerd. President @policingequity. Doing science to promote justice. Philly in the arteries.</li> <li><a href="">Q. McCallum</a> — I consult, write, and speak on all things data + business. Accidental social scientist. International man of history. Official grouchy old man of the data world. Ask me about: languages + war books + travel. Меня зовут Чичиков.</li> <li><a href="">Quinn Heraty</a> — Lawyer obsessed with commerce, media, tech, art, design, cultural histories, IP/fair use, and new things. Always learning.</li> <li><a href="">Rachel Harsley</a> — Black girl magic</li> <li><a href="">Rakesh Agrawal</a> — Founder of SnapStream (we're how the Daily Show &amp; John Oliver get TV clips) and investor in early stage companies. 51% serious.</li> <li><a href="">Ravi Singh</a> — CTO and Cofounder of Catalytic</li> <li><a href="">Rayshauna Gray</a> — Cambridge-based, Chicago born and raised. Historical researcher at Tufts University and Gender Initiative Coordinator at Harvard Business School. I'm currently writing my first book, Roseland (about my family since 1819).</li> <li>Rebecca Nuvoletta — Rebecca Nuvoletta is a multidisciplinary artist working in video, light sculpture, voice and interactive installation. Much of her work employs infusion of the sacred gaze into found and recycled objects combined with emergent technology plastic and light mediums.</li> <li><a href="">Rebecca Gates</a> — Musician, sound thinker, and producer/strategist currently focusing on experience design, site-specific listening, and stewardship.</li> <li><a href="">Renee DiResta</a> — I am an expert in fake people on the internet. Also, shipping logistics.</li> <li><a href="">Richard Yoo</a> — From Texas - Founder, "employee zero", and former CEO of Rackspace and Serverbeach, now retired – exploring an endless list of hobbies, occasionally investing in young companies</li> <li><a href="">Robbie Q. Telfer</a> — Performance poet and ecological community organizer with Project VOICE and The Field Museum, respectively.</li> <li><a href="">Robin Shostack</a> — I do stuff - the cooler the better. Wrangler and ringleader. Idea awakener. Partner and helper. Mom. Googler.</li> <li><a href="">Robin Amer</a> — Robin Amer is an award-winning investigative reporter and editor based in Chicago. She’s the host and executive producer of The City podcast, which won the WNYC Podcast Accelerator competition and will launch with the USA Today Network in 2018.</li> <li><a href="">Robin Anil</a> — Director of Engineering at Tock. Tackling the bias/variance tradeoff in data, people, and in life. First-time home-owner and loves dancing.</li> <li><a href="">Rodney Lucas</a> — Rodney Lucas: Writer, poet, and filmmaker.</li> <li><a href="">Roman Titus</a> — Builder. Explorer. Mycophile. Founder of Sojourn Fare. Co-Founder of Great Wide Open.</li> <li><a href="">Rose Afriyie</a> — I am the Co Founder of mRelief and one of the original founding members of BYP100. I am feminist, technologist, and an advocate for ensuring that 21st century technology does not leave low income Americans behind.</li> <li><a href="">Rudra Banerji</a> — Sr. Producer at Jellyvision. I like to climb, take photographs, shoot video with the camera that's always in my hand. Currently re-listening to all the CDs I own - I'll be done in 2020.</li> <li><a href="">Ruth Hopkins</a> — Dakota/Lakota Sioux writer. Columnist: @indiancountry Co-Founder: <a href=""></a>. Featured everywhere. Author|Tribal Attorney|Biologist|Native Media Source</li> <li><a href="">Sabrina Williams</a> — Old time radio and classic movie enthusiast. Software engineer focused on developer productivity. Degreed but not practicing philosopher.</li> <li><a href="">Safia Abdalla</a> — I like to run, write, code, and build cool things.</li> <li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Saleem Hue Penny</a> — Saleem is a "rural hip-hop blues" artist, an early childhood advocate, a volunteer hospital magician, and father of toddler twins. He loves dream-filled sleep and misses it dearly.</li> <li>Sam Alaimo — Professional researcher. Amateur metalsmith, woodworker, boxer, podcaster, and chef.</li> <li><a href="">Sam Letscher</a> — Current undergrad at Northwestern learning about design. Co-founder of <a href=""></a>. Optimist.</li> <li><a href="">Sam Greenspan</a> — Host &amp; creator of Bellwether, a forthcoming podcast of speculative journalism. Also: faculty at Stanford Storytelling Project; editor at The City, an investigative reporting podcast from USA Today. Previously: managing producer at 99% Invisible</li> <li><a href="">Sandor Weisz</a> — I make puzzles for a living, which is apparently a thing you can do.</li> <li><a href="">Sanskruti Patel</a> — I'm a high school Social Studies teacher, history nerd, and spend way too much time reading and talking about current events. I love to travel, value my relationships, and believe in leaving things better than I found them.</li> <li><a href="">Sara Hudson</a> — Texan by blood, New Orleanian by choice, connective tissue by trade. I love people.* I tell stories. *mostly in short-spurts, one-on-one, and with frequent pauses to recharge after interactions. The rest of the time in theory, aggregated, and with plenty of distance.</li> <li><a href="">Sarah Lillian</a> — Bug doctor turned actuary side hustling as a yoga teacher, passionate about science communication &amp; recent Chicago transplant from southern CA.</li> <li><a href="">Sarah Thompson</a> — Chicago Googler in Security &amp; Privacy, former rocket scientist.</li> <li><a href="">Sarah Becan</a> — Comics artist, author, illustrator and designer; illustrator for “The Adventures of Fat Rice”, currently drawing comics cookbooks</li> <li>Sarah Hemberger — I'm a designer at the Alinea Group. Illustrator in my free time.</li> <li><a href="">Sarah Kunst</a> — Founder @prodayco. Contributing editor @MarieClaire. Board member @KQED &amp; @MSUFound - Michigan State University Foundation. Former VC.</li> <li><a href="">Sarah Szalavitz</a> — Since the election, I've been in an existential &amp; career transition--my feeling is that if I can do something (anything) to stave off the apocalypse, I must. I'm most passionate about accountability, inclusion, bias, ai, gender, media, government &amp; water---&amp; finding the best ways to support the people, company &amp; projects who share my values.</li> <li>Sarah Kaylor — Software engineer for Google Search, professor, motor-head, author, researcher.</li> <li><a href="">Sasha Laundy</a> — Data scientist, writer, new dog owner.</li> <li><a href="">Saya Hillman</a> — Got fired. Blissfully self-employed since. Brings summer camp to adults' lives, in the personal and professional space. Usually greeted with, "Wait, you're Mac &amp; Cheese Productions?!" Often called "'Accessible Oprah."</li> <li><a href="">Scott Robbin</a> — Founder of Robbin &amp; Co, web developer; friend to many, and father to few.</li> <li>Scott van den Plas — I'm alright.</li> <li>Shane Glynn — Hardware lawyer by day, cryptocurrency lawyer by night. Keeping engineers (mostly) out of jail since 2006.</li> <li>Sharon Lanza — School Director of Aloft Circus Arts, Writer/performer, Founding member of Mucca Pazza</li> <li><a href="">Shawn Smith</a> — I paint, illustrate characters, and make things. I like art, business, and brainstorming. I also like helping people.</li> <li><a href="">Siena Leslie</a> — Co-founder of Habitica <a href="http://(">(</a>). Playwright and author of children’s stories for magazines such as Spider. Periodically designs crochet patterns of marine invertebrates.</li> <li><a href="">Silas Hundt</a> — Co-founder and head of product and other things at <a href=""></a>. Interested in experiments in education, self-governance, agriculture.</li> <li><a href="">Sisi Wei</a> — Runs a team that uses programming and design to do investigative journalism. Trying to fit games into that mix. Love escape rooms. Can't stop drawing.</li> <li><a href="">Spencer Tweedy</a> — I play drums and work on music-related projects. I recently started an audio equipment company called Fjord Audio.</li> <li><a href="">Stacy Lindau</a> — I am a University of Chicago professor, physician and social entrpreneur. My passions are engineering solutions to injustice, Friday night dinners and funny stories.</li> <li><a href="">Stel Valavanis</a> — My many lives = CEO onShore Security, owner Creative Coworking, ACLU-IL and Earthbound Moon and Lane 2CF boards, many startups, Chicago Archangels, noise, and parenting.</li> <li><a href="">Stephan Somogyi</a> — Humanist. Synthesist. Teacher. Applied Diplomat. Amateur Geopolitician. Lapsed Journalist.</li> <li><a href="">Stephen Pratt</a> — Google engineer, amateur teacher, decent cook, bad guitarist. I listen to too many podcasts and like to run in big circles. Big on trying new things.</li> <li><a href="">Stephen Bernacki</a> — Enjoy sports, cooking, and dining out in Chicago. Work on the business side of restaurants.</li> <li><a href="">Steve Brown</a> — Steve Brown has survived multiple attempts on his life. It's mostly his children trying to kill him. He's like the Cronus of Cleveland. Also entrepreneur, yoyo champion, beardface, blah blah, etc.</li> <li><a href="">Sue Khim</a> — Reads a lot and makes <a href=""></a></li> <li><a href="">Sumanth Shekar</a> — Mechanical Engineer with a passion for Robotics and other cool stuff.</li> <li><a href="">Tanner Woodford</a> — Founder, executive director, and bartender of the Chicago Design Museum.</li> <li><a href="">Tanya DePass</a> — Podcaster, Diversity and Inclusion consultant/advocate, non-profit director, streamer and introvert of the highest order.</li> <li><a href="">Tanya Berger-Wolf</a> — Computational ecologist, creating algorithms to recognize zebras and other animals from photos and to analyze their social networks. Professor, co-founder and director of <a href=""></a>. Mentor, parent, salsa dancer, chocolate addict.</li> <li><a href="">Thea Polancic</a> — Nerd mom. Fantasy/sci-fi lover. Passionate about mindfulness, leadership and transforming the world through business. Founder of <a href="">Chicago Conscious Capitalism</a>, CEO coach and helping build <a href="">intimate, high-performance leadership teams</a>.</li> <li><a href="">Tiff Fehr</a> — Engineer and assistant editor at The New York Times, focusing on breaking news &amp; live coverage. Semi-reluctant Brooklynite.</li> <li><a href="">Tim Harris</a> — chicago game designer working on obsession in one minute @exilesgame. owner @alleycatcomics. #gamedev #comicbooks</li> <li><a href="">Tim Courtney</a> — I work at LEGO and built the LEGO Ideas crowdsourcing community. Instrument rated private pilot. In love with Danish design, architecture, and urban planning. Want to make North American cities more like Copenhagen - bikes, walking, transit, beautiful design.</li> <li><a href="">Timothy King</a> —</li> <li><a href="">Tom Duncan</a> — Entrepreneur/Innovator as CEO of Positec Tool Corp, Board memeber Fox Factory(FOXF) and Exec. Producer/Creator Save it or Sell it on A&amp;E Networks. Driven to innovate home chores, reduce social inequality and help small business in America.</li> <li>Tom Schlegel — Radio Flyer, Product Developer, Business Innovator, 25 years in the toy industry, Dad to 4 boys, Problem Solver.</li> <li><a href="">Tommy Maranges</a> — Philosophy writer and game designer. Currently working on a game about acting like a human, even when you're not.</li> <li><a href="">Torrence Gardner</a> — Founder, Protect RP, Board Member @ Rogers Park Business Alliance &amp; Howard Area Community Center. Customer Specialist @SpotHero. Pursuing a Master's in Urban Planning.</li> <li><a href="">Valerie Frank</a> — Product Manager @ Inventables. Curious about just about everything. Obsessive traveler and language learner.</li> <li><a href="">Veda Hlubinka-Cook</a> — Co-founded Metaweb/Freebase, now working on advanced data tools for investigative journalism.</li> <li><a href="">Veronica Arreola</a> — Professional feminist, writer, and mom. I work on diversity in STEM issues at UIC. My super power is moderating panels. TIME IS UP!</li> <li><a href="">Vicky Hsu</a> — Lawyer. Writer. Former trucker. Currently cofounder and CEO of Habitica. I used to read encyclopedias for fun (and it shows, a little).</li> <li><a href="">Virginia Matos</a> — Newswriter/Producer for ABC&nbsp;7 Chicago, Mentor/Member: National Association&nbsp;of Hispanic Journalists. Pin-up aficionado. World traveler. Disarmer.</li> <li><a href="">Waldo Jaquith</a> — Charlottesvillian, open data advocate, open source developer, father, battler of Nazis, guy who did that one thing that you kind of remember hearing about.</li> <li><a href="">Wayne Drehs</a> — Senior feature writer for ESPN who struggles to stick to sports. Beer lover, av geek, news addict, cycling enthusiast, travel softball coach.</li> <li><a href="">Wil Schobieri</a> — CTO @ MediaMath. Serial tech entrepreneur who currently lives on an airplane, collects wine, and enjoys olympic weightlifting.</li> <li><a href="">Will Hansen</a> — Librarian; Director of Reader Services and Curator of Americana at the Newberry Library; writer of stuff about Herman Melville, David Foster Wallace, Quiet Riot, born-digital archives, pedagogy with primary sources. Eclectic, I guess.</li> <li><a href="">Will Smith</a> — I make live-action cartoons in a virtual reality studio.</li> <li><a href="">Yael Hochberg</a> — Startup prof, former entrepreneur, lego junkie</li> <li><a href="">Yonatan Kogan</a> — Software Engineer at Tock. Trying my best to do good well.</li> <li><a href="">Zach Kaplan</a> — Founder of Inventables and ORD Camp</li> <li><a href="">Zoe Quinn</a> — Author of Crash Override: How GamerGate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life And How We Can Win The Battle Against Online Hate, video game developer, and Director at Crash Override Network. Generally a comedian, artist, and activist.</li> </ul>

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