Camp 2019: Who Came?

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Camp 2019: Who Came?
<ul> <li>Aaron McKay — Chef @ Chicago Playtest Society, Consultant, Board @ Esperanza Community Services, Amateur Critic @ STEM Kids Chicago</li> <li><a href="">Aaron Rasmussen</a> — Maker of things, companies, and awkward silences. Co-founder of MasterClass. Perpetual student. Now working on something new in education.</li> <li><a href="">Abby Raskin</a> — Tech-ish person working in the social impact startup space, recently re-relocated to Chicago. Bad at bios.</li> <li><a href="">Abby Ross</a> — Co-founder of ThinkCERCA</li> <li><a href="">Ablorde Ashigbi</a> — Startup founder, former VC, weightlifter, chipotle eater.</li> <li><a href="">Abril Vela</a> — public school promoter &amp; CSforALL advocate -- always trying to find a way to help students tap into their creative potential</li> <li><a href="">Adam Hinz</a> — Software engineer by day; climbing + biking + traveling by night</li> <li><a href="">Adelle Lin</a> — Adelle loves to use games, maker tech and unicorns at to build communities - CodeLiberation, NYC Resistor. Software person at Intel by day, developing artist tools for Leo Villareal Studio in other hours. Extremely bi-coastal.</li> <li><a href="">Alex Niemczewski</a> — CEO at BallotReady</li> <li>Alexa Krakaris — Nerd 🤓 Gym rat 💪🏼 Goofball 🤪</li> <li><a href="">Alexander "amac" Macgillivray</a> — Former Google, Twitter, Obama White House. Still looking to do something good with data. Ask me about gap year(s) and/or Madrid.</li> <li><a href="">Alexis Finch</a> — Defenestration Expert, reader of speculative fiction, geocache connisieur, and Militant Agnostics [I don't know, and you don't either.]</li> <li><a href="">Amanda Lannert</a> — CEO of Jellyvision, learner, scared of sharks, quick to laugh.</li> <li>Amanda Walker — By day, I manage privacy engineering teams at Google. By night, I make things with my hands, from glassblowing to personal CNC manufacturing.</li> <li><a href="">Amy Mezulis</a> — Psychology professor who studies feelings - how we get them and what we do with them. Interested in intersections. Curious about cancer. Amazed by adolescence.</li> <li>Amy Blackwell — I've been called a charismatic polymath -- a whirlwind of arts, humanities, and sciences. Veterinary pharmacy CMO, poet, wildlife biologist, historian, and water commissioner ...</li> <li><a href="">Andrea Hart</a> — Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement at City Bureau interested in disrupting power systems to make journalism a public good.</li> <li><a href="">Andrea Newberry</a> — Founder of Leche Libre, fashion designer empowering women to breastfeed wherever they damn well please. Mom, moto rider, bikes are fun.</li> <li><a href="">Andrea Sáenz</a> — 20+ years working for people-centered systems &amp; policies through non-profit &amp; government orgs. Recently, trying to get my animal-centric 9-yr-old to care about humans. It's hard.</li> <li><a href="">Andrea Algiers</a> — UX Designer at Inventables.</li> <li><a href="">Andrés Lemus-Spont</a> — South Side-based designer and fabricator. Founder of Building Brown Workshop. Co-creator of the FrankenToyMobile. Teaching artist, mentor, big fan of cute things.</li> <li><a href="">Andrew Davis</a> — Andrew Davis is a bestselling author &amp; keynote speaker. He's built and sold a digital marketing agency, produced for NBC and worked for The Muppets. Today, Andrew Davis teaches business leaders how to grow their businesses, transform their cities, and leave their legacy.</li> <li><a href="">Andrew Huff</a> — PR guy by day, host of 20x2 Chicago ( and cohost of Tuesday Funk live lit series by night. Former editor and publisher of Gapers Block.</li> <li><a href="">Andrew Kruger</a> — Background in astrophysics, then engineering physics professor. Now am a data scientist, working mainly in computer vision.</li> <li><a href="">Andrew McLaughlin</a> — Co-founder/partner, <a href="">Higher Ground Labs</a> and <a href="">The Future Company</a>. Boards: <a href="">Access Now</a>, <a href="">Public Knowledge</a>, <a href="">Zcash</a>, Brooklyn Public Library. Past: <a href="">betaworks</a>, Obama White House, Google, Medium, Tumblr, Instapaper, Digg, ICANN. [He/his]</li> <li><a href="">Andy Sabin</a> — Helping people hear better at Bose. Searching for weird correlations. Raising identical twins.</li> <li>Andy White — Director of Connectivity &amp; Engagement at Lookingglass Theatre Company. Writer, director, actor, curious person and fomenter of same.</li> <li><a href="">Anita Sarkeesian</a> — Feminist media critic, mixed reality + food, the revolution</li> <li><a href="">Anna Galland</a> — Organizer and campaigner. I'm the Executive Director of MoveOn Civic Action.</li> <li><a href="">Annalee Flower-Horne</a> — Feminist science fiction writer, civic tech nerd, and code of conduct consultant from Washington, DC</li> <li><a href="">Anne Petersen</a> (they/them) — New govvie, trying to make government more human-friendly by directing design within <span style="font-weight: 400">the technology modernization arm of a federal agency</span>. Ex-president of Chicago Nerd Social Club and Pumping Station: One.</li> <li>April Lehman — Software engineer during the week / Mom and maker on the weekends. Latest projects include building a table, learning to weld and playing Ninja with my two sons.</li> <li><a href="">Arelia Jones</a> — Co-founder and director of education and technology at CoderSpace, co-leader of the Chicago Chapter of Girl Develop It and a software engineer at ActiveCampaign. I enjoy learning and helping others learn more about technology, particularly people who are unrepresented in tech. I also like watching the moon, art and architecture, and baking.</li> <li><a href="">Ashley Carman</a> — Formerly a cybersecurity reporter who now mostly thinks about gadgets and how tech affects our lives for The Verge. Also a podcast host, of course.</li> <li><a href="">Ashlyn Sparrow</a> — Just a humble game designer interested in interdisciplinary work.</li> <li><a href="">Aziz Gilani</a> — Midcontinent Venture Capitalist very good at sending email and travelling in metal tubes.</li> <li><a href="">Baba Brinkman</a> — Baba Brinkman is a New York-based rap artist and playwright known for producing shows and albums that communicate complex science through music, comedy, and infectious lyricism. His "Rap Guide" series so far includes Evolution, Climate Change, Religion, Medicine, Human Nature, Wilderness, and Consciousness.</li> <li><a href="">Ben Anderson</a> — Ben Anderson is an awarding winning documentary maker and author, currently for VICE on HBO. For two decades he's covered the wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Congo and elsewhere, as well as a number on films on the environment, slave labor, child abuse and mental health.</li> <li><a href="">Ben Collins-Sussman</a> — Engineering director @ Google Chicago. Theater composer, pianist, banjoist, interactive fiction author, photographer, sketcher, radio ham, dad. Mostly harmless.</li> <li><a href="">Ben Laurie</a> — Interested in everything. Somewhat expert in security, verifiable transparency, cryptography. Currently obsessing a bit about code verification, CNC milling and how to build sustainable businesses that are good for the world.</li> <li><a href="">Ben Snitkoff</a> — IP Attorney, performer, amateur chef, and tinkerer. I collect hobbies like grandmothers collect Hummel figurines.</li> <li><a href="">Benjamin Miles</a> — Maker, breaker, designer, developer… you get the idea. Interactive design lead at Tock.</li> <li>Bernard Loyd — After working for many years as a consultant to help corporations far away improve their performance, I created Urban Juncture and spend all my time working to revitalize my neighborhood and other South Side communities</li> <li><a href="">bethanye McKinney Blount</a> — Co-founder/CEO at Compaas &amp;&amp; Founding Advisor at Project Include. I think a lot about how companies pay people. It's more interesting than it sounds.</li> <li><a href="">Bill Duane</a> — Working at the intersection of individual resilience, organizational performance and human happiness. Former Google Superintendent of Well-Being. Also working on a political <a href="">deep canvassing</a> project.</li> <li><a href="">Bill Hammack</a> — I run the engineerguy video channel -- if you've seen a video it is likely me talking about the design of the aluminium beverage can.</li> <li><a href="">Bitsy Bentley</a> — Anti-racist novitiate working to decolonize democracy and dismantle systemic racism.</li> <li><a href="">Bob Clagett</a> — I get to make whatever I want, every day. Best job ever.</li> <li><a href="">Borja Sotomayor</a> — Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Chicago. Enabler of geeks and hackers. Education enthusiast. Crazy cat lady, except with squirrels.</li> <li>Brant Macduff — Taxidermist and wildlife educator with a penchant for timber sports and obsessive love for Japanese convenience stores.</li> <li>Brian Donovan — An avowed generalist in a specialist herd. A semi-avid cyclist, cook, scientist and musician trying to advance my shaman credentials while watching pharmaceutical science reinvent itself.</li> <li><a href="">Brian Fitzpatrick</a> — Founder &amp; CTO: Tock, Xoogler, Ex-Apple, Author, Co-founder of ORD Camp, Feminist. ✶✶✶✶ Chicagophile ✶✶✶✶ 'No Formal Authority' - HBR</li> <li><a href="">Brian McGinn</a> — I make films and television, like CHEF'S TABLE for Netflix.</li> <li><a href="">Brian Nord</a> — from WI to AI</li> <li>Brian Rutkowski — I'm an electrical engineer.</li> <li><a href="">Brian Wecht</a> — I'm half of the comedy band Ninja Sex Party, for which I wear a ninja costume and write/perform original 1980's style synth pop songs. Prior to that, I was a professor of theoretical physics, specializing in string theory, supersymmetry, and quantum field theory.</li> <li><a href="">Brittany Barnett</a> — I pick the locks to human cages to unlock genius. Co-founder of the Buried Alive Project and founder of Girls Embracing Mothers.</li> <li><a href="">Britton Picciolini</a> — Traveler, Ed Tech Geek, Life-long learner, OG Googler, Empty Nester</li> <li><a href="">Bryan Jones</a> — Neuroscientist exploring how neural systems (retina) are built and wired together, and how neural systems go wrong in disease. Photographer, Advocate for specialized knowledge</li> <li><a href="">Bryan Wilcox</a> — Co-founder &amp; CTO @ Tovala. Home cooking, made effortless.</li> <li><a href="">Byron Woodfork</a> — Lead Software Crafter @ 8th Light consultancy. Public speaker, thought leader &amp; code tinkerer.</li> <li><a href="">Cady Coleman</a> — My favorite home is here on earth, but I really loved living on the International Space Station. Since leaving NASA, I've been on a mission to use the superpowers that I acquired in space for the power of good, mostly in pursuit of inclusion and expanding our definitions of leadership.</li> <li><a href="">Caren Young</a> — Product person by day, touring burlesque performer by night, nosy for a living. Passionate about building people and products. Wears great glasses.</li> <li><a href="">Carl Malamud</a> — Long-time civil servant. Well, usually civil. Suing the Government of India. Sued by the State of Georgia. Not a lawyer.</li> <li><a href="">Carlie Fairchild</a> — Carlie leads a motley team of geeks and journalists over at Linux Journal. She also plays a mean game of classic Mario Brothers.</li> <li><a href="">Carol Marin</a> — Joan (after Joan of Arc) was the confirmation name I chose in the 4th grade because there was something irresistible about a woman in armor on horseback leading an righteous army. I later went into news.</li> <li><a href="">Cat Allman</a> — Co-organizer of Science Foo Camp &amp; Education Foo Camp, long time member of the OSPO &amp; Making &amp; Science teams @Google. Keywords: craft, critters, science, learning, democracy, happiness.</li> <li><a href="">Cathy Chouinard</a> — Wife, mom of 3 teenagers, Chicagoan|✶✶✶✶, engaged citizen. People pay me to take pictures. I help my husband make (and drink) homemade wine. I'm a live music junkie. I enjoy playing guitar and spend WAY too much time on twitter.</li> <li><a href="">Cedric Hurst</a> — Founder of Spantree, father of an awesome daughter, and trustee of the Chicago Awesome Foundation</li> <li><a href="">Charlie Catlett</a> — Drummer posing as computer scientist.</li> <li><a href="">Chelsea Troy</a> — Former code slinger at Pivotal. Now doing data science at Ascent Technologies. I write and speak about tech (check out the blog). Talk to me about coffee, crossfit, and community organizing. ORD Salon co-organizer.</li> <li><a href="">Chris DiBona</a> — Director of open source and stuff at Google. Also, Homeowner in the Tanager Lane homeowners association on Maui.</li> <li><a href="">Chris Millikin</a> — An autodidact opsimath, polymath who's just OK at math. Most recent professional ventures have been leading security engineering teams at Google and Facebook, but interested in all sorts of making and breaking.</li> <li><a href="">Chris Olin</a> — After a handful of product management roles at software startups I moved to the finance side. I’ve spent 13 years in a complex family office working on everything from estate planning to governance to asset allocation to VC investing. Now I’m finishing up a sabbatical year and looking for my next project.</li> <li><a href="">Chris Church</a> — Founder &amp; CPO @MacroFab. Former founder @ Dynamic Perception and Alert Logic. I like to build things, and I like to think that they build me also.</li> <li><a href="">Christen Carter</a> — Mostly buttons (owner of Busy Beaver Button Company and Button Museum). New author. Reluctant property owner.  Starting to think about the rest of my life.</li> <li><a href=" don't got one">Christi Chong</a> — Chicago ceramic artist with a high tolerance for nonsense and shenanigans.</li> <li><a href="">Christiaan Vorkink</a> — Supporting great founders at True Ventures. Husband and father of two little ones.</li> <li><a href="">Christian Picciolini</a> — I'm a former violent extremist turned peace advocate. I've helped over 250 people disengage from hate groups and extremism, from neo-Nazis to the Islamic State. I write books like <em>White American Youth</em> and make TV shows like MSNBC's "Breaking Hate." And Hannibal's quote "inveniam viam aut faciam" pretty much sums up my life.</li> <li><a href="">Christine Songco Lau</a> — Open Source Program &amp; People Manager at Google and mom of a preschooler and a kindergartner; I appreciate any time I can cook yummy food, play board games, watch a movie or read more books. I dream of the day when I can regularly scuba dive and snowboard again.</li> <li><a href="">Chrys Wu</a> — Helping and celebrating people who work with technology. Therefore: Write/Speak/Code co-founder, Robot Film Festival producer, polyglot and hunter of experimental cocktails. Interested in how people transmit complex concepts to each other.</li> <li><a href="">Chye-Ching Huang</a> — Economics, law, policy. DC think-tanker. Trying to stop bad policy in the Trump era.</li> <li><a href="">Cody Crone</a> — .</li> <li><a href="">Conrad Fuhrman</a> — CTO of Futureman Digital, Chicago based creative agency. Disney World fanatic, brewer and lover of beer, passionate about F1 and cars, love my city of Chicago.</li> <li><a href="">Corey McMahon</a> — Software Developer at Tock. Formerly at other companies. I have some hobbies and interests.</li> <li>Courtney Stover — Software Engineer @ Google. Avid D&amp;D/Pathfinder player, Magic the gathering nerd, board game lover, and fantasy book reader (although fun or intriguing books from all genres are welcome).</li> <li><a href="">Coya Paz</a> — I'm a writer, director, professor, opinionated human and lip gloss connoisseur. I study racialized violence, hauntings, racial and economic equity in the arts, and put my research where my mouth is (??) as the Artistic Director of Free Street Theater.</li> <li><a href="">Craig McClain</a> — Craig McClain is the Executive Director for the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, founder of OCEANDOTCOMM, founder and chief editor of Deep-Sea News, and a deep-sea explorer and scientist</li> <li><a href="">Craighton Berman</a> — Designer of physical objects and illustrator of intangible ideas.</li> <li><a href="">D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem</a> — D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem is an Afro-Futurist space sculptor, professor, writer, and performance artist whose practice bridges disciplines of holistic design, science fiction, and environment.</li> <li>Dan Jorisch — "When an old man dies, a library burns"</li> <li><a href="">Dan O'Neil</a> — I help make systems for listening to people, caring about them, and trying to make their lives better.</li> <li><a href="">Dan Ratner</a> — Writer, technologist, entrepreneur, and public menace. Now interested in doing good.</li> <li><a href="">Dan Shapiro</a> — Glowforge lasers, Robot Turtles game, and, for no good reason, Instant Pot.</li> <li><a href="">Dan Sinker</a> — I make trouble. Also, podcasts. And stuff.</li> <li><a href="">Dana Wagner</a> — I'm working to create a delicious, healthy, affordable, sustainable, and ethical food system by turning plants directly into meats.</li> <li><a href="">Dani Dagan</a> — Outdoor recreation planner and aspiring social scientist. Policy nerd, passionate conservation professional, mediocre at a lot of hobbies but still searching for one to go deep on.</li> <li><a href="">Danielle Baskin</a> — Prankster, painter, and creator of Custom Avocados, Last Chance Tours, and Goodbye Domains. Co-founded the app Your Boss (, where self-employed people pretend to be each other's boss.</li> <li><a href="">Daphne Keller</a> — Child of west coast hippies. Internet platform and speech law expert. Amateur enthusiast of dystopian fiction, American music history, grammar and punctuation, and other things I’m not thinking of right this second.</li> <li><a href="">Dave Brashinger</a> — Physiology educator and paramedic. Take you apart, teach you how your parts work, then put you back together. Professional history of keeping astronauts alive in space.</li> <li><a href="">David Altenburg</a> — Software engineer at Inventables. Continuously surprised at how much he likes being a dad. Lives in Chicago.</li> <li><a href="">David Anderson</a> — Putting out computer fires by day, getting nerd-sniped by computers by night. My Factorio bases are full of trains. Definitely probably a villager.</li> <li><a href="">David Hornik</a> — Collector of "Alice in Wonderland" books, father of 4, wearer of many costumes, fan of the Stingray electric bass, conference impresario (, and, oh yeah, venture capitalist at August Capital (</li> <li><a href="">Dawn Xiana Moon</a> — Founder/Director of Raks Geek (nerd-themed bellydance and fire performance). Singer-songwriter, bellydancer, essayist by night. UXer and dev by day. Serious wanderlust. Obsessed with food. Also spins fire.</li> <li><a href="">Demond Drummer</a> — co-founder at CoderSpace. executive director at New Consensus, where we’re working on a plan for the Green New Deal.</li> <li><a href="">Dennis McClendon</a> — Mapmaker and Chicago history geek. Passionate about transit and cities.</li> <li><a href="">Deray Mckesson</a> — Host of Pod Save The People, civil rights activist and community organizer dedicated to issues of innovation, equity and justice.</li> <li><a href="">Derek Groothuis</a> — Professional geek and manager of same. Still trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing with my life. Currently that seems to be something something Crypto.</li> <li><a href="">Dianna Cowern</a> — YouTuber who tricks people into learning physics while investigating unusual questions about the world. Kauai-grown California-based MIT alum.</li> <li><a href="">DJ Patil</a> — Current missions: 1. Take care of every senior in America like they were our own family 2. Responsible use of technology and data</li> <li><a href="">Doctor Popular</a> — Doctor Popular is neither a doctor nor popular. He is a game designer, cartoonist, and creator of the yo-yo emoji.</li> <li><a href="">Don Schwarz</a> — Google Engineer and dad who enjoys designing board games, playing pinball and foosball, and making things.</li> <li><a href="">Dougal Grimes</a> — Bringing in innovation into the toy and game industry!</li> <li><a href="">Drew Fustin</a> — Director of Data Science &amp; Analytics at Interior Define. Formerly SpotHero/Grubhub/UChicago (PhD in physics).</li> <li><a href="">Drew Tetz</a> — I make "animated records," zoetropes for turntables.</li> <li><a href="">Duncan Davidson</a> — CTO in Residence at Microsoft for Startups in Berlin and photographer.</li> <li><a href="">Dustin Penner</a> — Mild-mannered husband and father to two petites dames. My life revolves around trying to convince all of them that making things is cool.</li> <li><a href="">Dylan Richard</a> — -</li> <li><a href="">Eden Robins</a> — Novelist, essayist, live lit host. Sufferer of no fools.</li> <li><a href="">Eileen Donovan</a> — Veteran. Helicopter and tiltrotor pilot. Storyteller. Fascinated by the development, usage and mutation of language. Lover of obscure words. Locked in a lifelong battle with gravity.</li> <li><a href="">Eileen Duffner</a> — Software engineer at tock. Nationals qualifying women's club ultimate frisbee team member.</li> <li>Elan Lee — I made Exploding Kittens. I also made a pair of subsonic transducers for my living room. I listen to movies THROUGH MY BONES!!</li> <li><a href="">Elgin Bokari Smith</a> — Elgin Bokari T Smith Visual &amp; Performing Artist, DJ, Program Director of Free Write Arts &amp; Literacy, President of Elephant Rebellion and Co-Creator of Pocket Con, the Chicago comic book convention that celebrates characters &amp; creators of color.</li> <li><a href="">Eli Finkel</a> — Professor at Northwestern (psychology and Kellogg). Author of <em>The All-Or-Nothing Marriage</em>. Marathoner. Overeater.</li> <li><a href="">Elise Hu</a> — I'm a video host and correspondent for NPR, based in LA. I recently returned from covering a nuclear standoff in Korea and swanned about Japan for a few years.</li> <li><a href="">Elizabeth Gerber</a> — Professor at Northwestern U. Founder of Design for America. Service designer. Social computing researcher. Social Justice Advocate. Feminist. Scientist.</li> <li><a href="">Ellie Bahrmasel</a> — Perpetual seeker with a penchant for urban exploration, meaningful connections, and citizen diplomacy. Eternally optimistic about humanity's ability to solve its crises through thoughtful collaboration. Recovering bureaucrat, master ideator, startup junkie, civic troublemaker, storyteller, consultant, facilitator, and coach. Also, cinnamon rolls. Current: Telos Strategy Group + Storyblaster.</li> <li>Emily Michel — I'm an East Coast native, born and raised in Northern Virginia (25 minutes outside our Nation's Capital). I decided 8 years ago, it was time to venture out to the Midwest, where I have called the "Windy City" my home ever since.</li> <li><a href="">Emily Withrow</a> — I'm the director of the Quartz Bot Studio, where I spend most of my time talking to robots, making talking robots, and generally thinking about our relationship with machines. Otherwise I'm either climbing or eating nachos.</li> <li><a href="">Emmanuel Pratt</a> — Cofounder and Executive Director of Sweet Water Foundation with a focus on Regenerative Neighborhood Development</li> <li><a href="">Eric Antonow</a> — Big fan of curiosity and my bicycle, the rest I'm less certain about. Was on teams at Instagram, Facebook, Google, startups. Now playing with metabolism, meditation and music.</li> <li><a href="">Eric Lunt</a> — Past: Signal, Google, FeedBurner,, etc.. Current: Temporary Retirement or Indefinite Sabbatical. Future: ???</li> <li>Eric Peyton — 28 year veteran of the computer industry. Free time split between kids, family and friends. Energetically outgoing.</li> <li>Eric Siegel — Designer and pretty much everything else at Tree Hopper Toys.</li> <li><a href="">Eric Ward</a> — Eric K. Ward is a long time civil rights strategist and the current executive director of Western States Center. Eric is a long time philanthropist and cultural activist.</li> <li><a href="">Erica Baker</a> — Person of interests. I like to kick, stretch, and kick!</li> <li><a href="">Erie Meyer</a> — Regulating tech companies and an elderly Pomeranian. I live in DC but my heart is in Ohio. I start trouble in the government and the patriarchy.</li> <li><a href="">Erin McKean</a> — I make Wordnik, dresses, trouble, and zeugmatic statements.</li> <li><a href="">Erin Drain</a> — You'll find me hopping around the intersection of cultural geography, food, and matchmaking. Chicago west sider, educator, traveling salesman, volunteer, slightly bionic.</li> <li><a href="">Ethan Ide</a> — My passion is learning and sharing knowledge with others through projects. I sell cameras for research. Used to build biomedical devices. Science, cooking, books, outdoors. Lets make something.</li> <li>Eva Robert — I'm a software engineer who is constantly picking up non coding hobbies! Right now these include paper crafting and cooking mostly.</li> <li><a href="">Eve L. Ewing</a> — I'm a professor who researches education, race, and inequality. I'm also a writer (of two books and some Marvel comics). I like baking bread. I cohost a podcast with Studs Terkel despite him having died 10 years ago.</li> <li><a href="">Fawzia Mirza</a> — I was a lawyer. Now I'm a writer, actor, producer. I like to take the circuitous path to get to where I'm supposed to be.</li> <li><a href="">Ficus Kirkpatrick</a> — Working on AR/VR at Facebook. Trying to be a helper.</li> <li><a href="">Floyd Webb</a> — Over 60. Questing only for Ma'at.</li> <li>Francesca Slade — I play a lot of board games, think a bunch about gender roles in oratory and tech.</li> <li><a href="">Frank Okay</a> — I'm a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator from Chicago, founder of the Earth Motel Collective, and I host a talk show in space. I also think the word "multidisciplinary" sounds real legit.</li> <li><a href="">Fred von Lohmann</a> — Copyright lawyer, xoogler, x-EFFer, current audiophile, has opinions about BBQ.</li> <li><a href="">Gabrielle Lyon</a> — @LyonGabrielle;  itinerant education activist; canner of jams; Founder, <a href="">Project Exploration</a>; author, <a href="">No Small Plans</a>; Senior Researcher <a href="http://Senior Researcher Great Cities Institute;">Great Cities Institute</a> ,working on ideas about cities, design and youth; consulting via <a href="">Lyon Strategies</a>.</li> <li><a href="">Gia Biagi</a> — Works at Studio Gang and leads the urbansim + civic impact practice. Recovering city official. Hates best practices. Appreciates ambiguity. Forever battling tsundoku and weekend warrior injuries.</li> <li><a href="">Gillian Rode</a> — Executive producer @ Ueno.  Managing creativity as a business since 2001.</li> <li><a href="">Gwendolyn Graff</a> — Serial Hobbyist, Creativity Fellow and Bubblegum Chemist taking an entreprenyear to be Lizzie Bennett</li> <li><a href="">Harper Reed</a> — I am a normal person doing normal things</li> <li><a href="">Haven Allen</a> — CEO / Co-Founder @ mHUB. Policy wonk. Former Peace Corps Volunteer with a passion for creating economic opportunity.</li> <li><a href="">Heather Berlin</a> — Neuroscientist and science communicator. Interests: Neural basis of consciousness, creativity and psychiatric illness; AI; Integration of the arts and sciences.</li> <li><a href="">Heidi Lubin</a> — Real estate developer; renewable energy entrepreneur; smart cities geek; believer in democratic engagement; wife; aunt; skier; yogi</li> <li><a href="">Helen Rosner</a> — I write about food (and sometimes other things) for the New Yorker (and sometimes other places).</li> <li><a href="">Helena Price</a> — Silicon Valley Creative. Founder of Dagmar Studios and creator of Quietly building a new company launching spring 2019.</li> <li><a href="">Helen Shewolfe Tseng</a> — artist, designer, and witch living and working in an expanding universe</li> <li><a href="">Hunter Walk</a> — NYC’er who has grown SF roots. Lover of stories. Father of daughter. Writer of term sheets.</li> <li><a href="">Jackie Ros</a> — I'm an infinitely curious dancer that loves to build and play.</li> <li><a href="">Jacob Dehart</a> — Founder of Threadless, Picturelife, Thrilled, Porcini. Owner of The Heritage Restaurant. Beekeeper.</li> <li><a href="">Jacob Matthews</a> — Programmer at Tock. Former programmer at Google, former academic CS person, occasional deep dish pizza reviewer, amateur improviser.</li> <li><a href="">Jacqui Cheng</a> — “Local” “artist.” Former editor in chief of the Wirecutter, Editor at Large at Ars Technica. Violinist, cellist, gardener, shit stirrer.</li> <li><a href="">James Megquier</a> — Tinkerer and fixer of things, often things I have broken. Googler. Into software, people, fatherhood, and building things with my hands. Enjoys connecting new neurons, metaphorical and otherwise.</li> <li>James Amable — I'm the Co founder and CTO of Union Crate. I'm a born and raised New Yorker that loves music, dancing, and tech.</li> <li><a href="">Jana Kinsman</a> — I keep bees, raise queen bees, grow a little food, and draw portraits for a living</li> <li><a href="">Janice Bond</a> — Arts, culture, community, it doesn't get any better than that. I spend my time working alongside awe inspiring artists, brands, and even better people. Want to know more? Read my bio!</li> <li><a href="">Jason Benetti</a> — I talk about the Chicago White Sox and other sports teams on your television, tablet or phone. You may think I hate your favorite team.</li> <li><a href="">Jason Gessner</a> — I'm an art school dropout, eng manager at Google, Third Coast International Audio Festival board member, mediocre photographer and occasional bourbon baron. My kids are way cooler than I am.</li> <li><a href="">Jason Heltzer</a> — Partner at Origin Ventures. Professor at Booth. Former software engineer. Former state-ranked high school high jumper. Seen every best picture movie + 150 doc films.</li> <li><a href="">Jason Kunesh</a> — I design digital services for Chicagoans. ORDcamp is best with new friends, so if we don't know each other, let's change that!</li> <li><a href="">Javier Weddington</a> — Javier C. Weddington is a neuroscience researcher at MIT currently studying brain circuits underlying social hierarchy in mice. In addition to his work on brains, he is engineering genetically encoded tools that optimize the labeling and modulation of active cells in the brain. Outside of research, Javier dedicates his time to developing projects that address the structural, gun, and gang violence affecting inner city youth, including his role as a founding member of Project Orange Tree--an anti-violence campaign in Chicago.</li> <li>Jay Crim — Leader of teams building software and tools that power Google Search and Assistant. Previous projects include driving a forklift at an Alaskan fish cannery and collecting oral histories on Route 66. Enjoy reading Carl Hiaasen and Terry Pratchett books out loud to my kids.</li> <li><a href="">Jay Hoffmann</a> — Traveler and Travel Enabler / Startup founder / 3 and D wing /  National Park lover.</li> <li><a href="">JD Pirtle</a> — Artist, educator, and technologist. In that order. Founder of Depth and Light, an education, design, and technology studio+consultancy based in Chicago, IL, USA.</li> <li><a href="">Jeanne Marie Olson</a> — Advocate for quality education; open data enthusiast; old house masochist.</li> <li><a href="">Jeff Judge</a> — I love building things and making people happy. Currently building APIs for mobility at <a href="">Arrive</a> and helping making biking, walking, and transit better in Chicago with <a href="">Active Trans.</a> I live in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago with my wife and five kids.</li> <li><a href="">Jeff Probst</a> — Beyond thrilled and a bit intimidated to be included in such a creative and inspiring melting pot of ideas and support.</li> <li><a href="">Jeff Solin</a> — Main Gig: CS Teacher / Maker Teacher / curriculum writer / hardware lover / robotics coach / built and run the LTMakers Lab (@LTMakers / at Lane Tech High School. Side-Hustles: Co-founder of Chicago CSTA, Owner of Solin Systems Consulting, Amature speedcuber (3×3 personal average abt 40 sec, GAN 356 Air UM) More Importantly: father / husband / musician / crappy beer, great tea and great Scotch enthusiast.</li> <li><a href="">Jeff Ullrich</a> — Not sure who I am.</li> <li><a href="">Jenna Bilotta</a> — Designer, gardener, tinkerer, eyeroll expert, new momma.</li> <li><a href="">Jennifer Anastasoff</a> — Empowering people to do great work is my jam. Writing stuff this year.</li> <li>Jennifer Ding — Neuroscience grad student. Dangerously optimistic.</li> <li><a href="">Jennifer Farrington</a> — Museum director. I love children, art, design, making my community better, knitting, cooking, working with humans, this city. I hate zucchini.</li> <li><a href="">Jennifer Wong</a> — Civil turned self-taught Software Engineer. Conference speaker. Creator of the SF "Poop Map". SF born &amp; raised. I ❤️ baking, crafting, coding, and social justice.</li> <li><a href="">Jenny Farver</a> — Late blooming Chicago CTO, currently at Lightstream.</li> <li><a href="">Jenny Korn</a> — Fellow and Founding Coordinator of the Race and Media Working Group at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University - let's talk about technology's intersections with race, racism, and racial justice!</li> <li><a href="">Jeremy Rubens</a> — I am an Engineer, Maker, Inventor and Innovation Group Leader for Dremel Tools. I love designing, building and helping others make.</li> <li><a href="">Jesse Vincent</a> — I make keyboards and keyboard firmware. Formerly: Request Tracker, K-9 Mail, Perl 5</li> <li><a href="">Jesse von Doom</a> — I just like to think about the web, the world, and how we can make them both better. Maybe with some art? Definitely with some snacks.</li> <li><a href="">Jessie 'Chuy' Chavez</a> — IG @jchavezbaz  Data Liberation at Google, TL for Data Transfer Project, Computer Science advocate in Chicago, mentor for diversity in tech initiatives, former teacher, FeedBurner alumnus, techie for various Social Justice causes. Father of two amazing young women.</li> <li><a href="">Jim Rodovich</a> — Software engineer @ Inventables; not half bad at guacamole.</li> <li><a href="">Jimmy Charite</a> — data scientist and former economic/crime public policy analyst. I'm interested in social entrepreneurship and community development.</li> <li><a href="">Jimmy Diresta</a> — I make things. I learn things. I teach things.</li> <li><a href="">Joe Born</a> — Still not as <a href="">famous as my daughter</a> but working on it. I make <a href="">Speakers and Headphones</a> and treat them like the extensions of music instruments they are.</li> <li><a href="">Joe Kottke</a> — Chicago to SF transplant working at IFTTT, and missing Chicago.</li> <li><a href="">Joel Yarmon</a> — Ask me about flying! Or ski racing. Or investing. But I’d really rather talk about Alaska.</li> <li><a href="">John S. Bracken</a> — I like helping civic institutions to thrive. I run the Digital Public Library of America. Team Pacey.</li> <li><a href="">John McWhirter</a> — I'm not a robot, but I kind of wish that I was sometimes.</li> <li><a href="">John Renaldi</a> — co-founder and CEO @ Jiobit. Love to code but realizing I've become rusty. Gardener, fisherman, outdoorsman when I'm not chasing my kids around. Assembled/prepped bug out bags just in case. New passion inspiring my kids in STEM through weather balloons, rocketry, etc.</li> <li><a href="">John Scalzi</a> — John Scalzi cycles through all his cellular matter on a regular seven-year cycle.</li> <li><a href="">John Tolva</a> — Co-Founder: CityFi. Location: Denver, CO, West Coast of the Midwest.</li> <li>Jon Trowbridge — I’m a software engineer at Google and one of your friendly neighborhood ORD Camp photographers.</li> <li><a href="">Jon Wiley</a> — Force multiplier at Google working on long-term strategy. Occasional actor. Rejected astronaut. Failed bartender. Native Texan.</li> <li><a href="">Jordan Gold</a> —Creator of Magic @ Exploding Kittens &amp; Cards Against Humanity.</li> <li><a href="">Joseph Herscher</a> — Kinetic artist and YouTuber, aka "Joseph's Machines". I specialize in making Rube Goldberg machines and other useless contraptions.</li> <li><a href="">Joshua Schachter</a> — Founder of Angel Investor. Race car driver.</li> <li><a href="">Juan Hindo</a> — Leads a citizen science initiative at IBM Corporate Citizenship. Mama of two. Chicagoan (via Europe and Middle East). Passionate about science and women in STEM. Foodie. Excited for my first ORD camp!</li> <li><a href="">Julia Palatovska</a> — Julia is a cofounder and CEO of Dorian, the company that reinvents the future of fiction &amp; storytelling. Dorian combines the best of fiction, TV episodes and games and delivers this content exactly how young generations like to enjoy it: in interactive short sessions on mobile devices.</li> <li><a href="">Justin Escalona</a> — Justin is a 22 year old entrepreneur that created a million dollar clothing e-commerce company called 1340 COLLECTIVE. He has been ranked the #2 most influential entrepreneur of 2018 by Entrepreneur Magazine.</li> <li><a href="">Justin Massa</a> — executive portfolio director, design for augmented intelligence (D4AI) @ IDEO | born and raised in NOLA | founded Food Genius (acq by USFoods) late one night at ORDCamp 2 | tattooed</li> <li><a href="">Kari Love</a> — Worklife has consisted of soft robots, costumes, puppets and real space suits. Co-author of the book “Soft Robotics: A DIY Introduction to Squishy, Stretchy, and Flexible Robots.” Home passions currently include Yousician, sculpting from candy, and revolution.</li> <li><a href="">Karl Fogel</a> — Chicago-based author and partner in an open source software consultancy. Freedom from monopoly is my bag. Classical musician -- warning: will sing bass line at slightest hint of invitation. @kfogel on Keybase, Twitter and; blog at</li> <li><a href="">Karthik Ram</a> — Research scientist at UC Berkeley → Data Science, Ecology, Global Change and astrophotography. Dog person.</li> <li><a href="">Kasia Chmielinski</a> — ethics + data, birdwatching, filmmaking, healthcare.</li> <li><a href="">Kat Jurick</a> — currently Director of Design at United States Digital Service. Bicoastal. Stress baker.</li> <li><a href="">Kate Gardiner</a> — I’m the founder of Grey Horse, a feminist communications agency based in New York City. My clients range from multinational brands to startups to prominent media personalities.</li> <li>Kathleen McCarthy — exploring the fusion of clothing and technology</li> <li><a href="">Kathy Pham</a> — Berkman Klein Center, Lecturer in Product Management, Responsible CS challenge</li> <li><a href="">Keisha Howard</a> — Advocating for diversity in Tech, Keisha is an entreprenuer, futurist, and videogame enthusiast.</li> <li><a href="">Keith McCready</a> — Founder of High Performance Software - because I hate to see a good nanosecond go to waste.</li> <li><a href="">Kelly Ellis</a> — Software engineer, person online</li> <li><a href="">Kevin Willer</a> — Used to work with @TheRealFitz @Google, now an investor in his company @TockHQ</li> <li><a href=", sorry.">Kimberly Hoffmann</a> — I'm a design educator. I also like to make things: products, programs, policies, art, superhero capes, dinners, to name a few.</li> <li><a href="">Kipp Bradford</a> — I am a thermal avenger.</li> <li><a href="">Kjell Lindgren</a> — My wife says that my career decisions have been driven by how comfortable the clothes are: Air Force (flight suit), ER doc (scrubs), astronaut (flight suit).</li> <li><a href="">Kortney Ryan Ziegler</a> — social engineer</li> <li>Kris DeLaTorre — I'm all thumbs but they're green. Interested in youth development through urban agriculture, subversive seed saving and DIY aquaponics systems that fit in my ever shrinking apartments (obviously I'm a renter).</li> <li><a href="">Kristen Macgregor</a> — Former All-American Swimmer, now Google Ad Sales Director. Passionate about family, animal rescue and the city of Chicago</li> <li><a href="">Kristen Marhaver</a> — Coral Scientist, Midwesterner in Curacao, Boss Lady of the Marhaver Lab. Fighting on behalf of baby corals because they have very short arms.</li> <li><a href="">Krisztina "Z" Holly</a> — I'm a champion of undiscovered innovators. Engineer, tech entrepreneur, host of The Art of Manufacturing podcast, creator of the first TEDx, founding director of two university innovation centers (MIT and USC). Talk to me about hot springs, backcountry skiing, building black rock city airport, and surviving a parachute malfunction. Will try almost anything once.</li> <li><a href="">Laura Kadamus</a> — UXer, working to make government services a little more human with the U.S. Digital Service</li> <li>Leah Neustadt — Professional software engineer, hobbyist economist and martial artist. "Destroying the status quo because the status is not quo."</li> <li>Lęfty Walkowiak — Mild mannered software engineer by day, passionate horse archer… always. When I’m not practicing archery or riding my horse, I’m thinking about the practice of archery and horsemanship.</li> <li><a href="">Leigh Honeywell</a> — Co-founder of Tall Poppy (, building tools to fight online harassment. Formerly of Slack and the ACLU. Also into painting and karaoke.</li> <li><a href="">Leslie Chicoine</a> — Product designer and founder turned nationally ranked competitive archer, trained at the Olympic training center. SF transplant to sunny Denver, working on something new.</li> <li><a href="">Levi Baer</a> — Farm boy turned community connector, DePaul instructor, and co-founder of Second Shift coworking space. Loves talking about talking.</li> <li><a href="">Lila Papiernik</a> — I love improv, programming, games, and want to have fun.</li> <li><a href="">Lily Hevesh</a> — 20 year old professional Domino Artist and YouTuber at I set up thousands of dominoes in intricate structures and patterns, then knock them down.</li> <li>Linda Schmidt — Owner of Cat &amp; Mouse Games, a shop in Chicago that's dedicated to helping people play!</li> <li><a href="">Lisa Gelobter</a> — Trying to figure out how to best model what Inclusive Tech looks like.</li> <li><a href="">Lorena Mesa</a> — Open source lover at GitHub. Python nerd at Python Software Foundation. Martial artist and frequent 26.2 mile runner. Aspiring saxophonist. Maker of ngoqDe' and vegan tamales. My motto? Live long and prosper!</li> <li><a href="">Lourdes Juan</a> — Urban Planning nerd, fascinated with social enterprise. Founder of Hive Developments, Soma Spa, and the Leftovers Foundation.</li> <li><a href="">Lucianne Walkowicz</a> — Astronomer at the Adler Planetarium, multidisciplinary artist, and co-founder of The JustSpace Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to ethics, equity, and inclusion in space exploration</li> <li><a href="">Lucy Hewett</a> — Lucy Hewett is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Chicago. She specializes in portraiture and cohosts a quarterly photography panel called 4x5.</li> <li><a href="">Luke Crane</a> — Luke Crane is a game designer living and working in New York City. At night he designs weird roleplaying games and by day he is the Head of Games at Kickstarter.</li> <li><a href="">Mallory Bradford</a> — Mallory is a stand up comedian, news junkie, googler, and root beer float aficionado.</li> <li><a href="">Mara Zepeda</a> — Revolution through institutions. I started a startup that serves higher ed, Portland's fastest chamber of commerce, a debt fund and entrepreneurship program for women, an international movement for socially aware entrepreneurs. When I'm not building things I like to be silent or chant out of tune.</li> <li><a href="">Marcin Wichary</a> — Designer, writer, typographer. Figma, Medium, Google, Code for America.</li> <li>Maria Claudia Perera — Venezuelan social and business leader. Strategy &amp; Business Development.</li> <li>Maricia Scott — Engineer, cat herder, ex-dancer.</li> <li><a href="">Marie Fitzpatrick</a>— Higher education funding goddess. Federal Student Aid’s lead operations analyst for the $30 billion Federal Pell Grant. Lover of all things Chicago; cancer prevention devotee; tea enthusiast. Childless mother of many.</li> <li>Mark Achler — Focused on joyous creation, building communities, and teaching empathy. Also hang my shingle at MATH Venture Partners.</li> <li><a href="">Mark Hayward</a> — Professional Comedy Yo-yo Guy, World Yo-yo Champion, member of a world champion juggling team, Keynote Speaker, YouTuber, maker of wooden hand-crank machines, lover of fun.</li> <li><a href=" Twitter!">Mary Bauer</a> — Plant Manager (aka Ringleader) of the Lagunitas Chicago Brewery. Making innovative, tasty brews and taking an American craft beer brand global.</li> <li><a href="">Mary Fons</a> — Writer, editor, quilter, historian, bachelorette.</li> <li>Mary Lazzeri — New Chicagoan, former government tech nerd. Trying to stay out of trouble, usually not hard enough. @ Isobar.</li> <li><a href="">Marya Spont-Lemus</a> — Writer, interdisciplinary artist, and educator who lives on Chicago’s Southwest Side. Co-creator of the FrankenToyMobile. Mentor, mentee, and collaborator to many.</li> <li><a href="">Mary Beth Goodman</a> — Passionate advocate for global development; champion for fighting corruption; former government policy wonk</li> <li><a href="">Mary-Jo Ernst</a> — Fashion Designer , Entrepeneur , urban sketching artist</li> <li><a href="">Mary Robinette Kowal</a> — Puppeteer, audiobook narrator, author. Those are the jobs. I also will happily talk about whiskey, NASA, and with much fist-shaking about activism.</li> <li><a href="">Matt Cutts</a> — I'm the Administrator of the US Digital Service, the group of geeks who rescued In a previous life, I ran the webspam team for Google search.</li> <li><a href="">Matt Firlik</a> — Developer tools super-freak, lifelong student of the culinary arts, and dislocated Midwesterner</li> <li><a href="">Matt Godbolt</a> — Coder and sometime verb. Loves computers, and teaching people how they work. Escaped from the computer games industry, and almost escaped the finance world too.</li> <li><a href="">Matt Handley</a> — I picked a bad time to be an idealistic optimist. Father of 4, or 27, depending on how you count. Thinks about code too much.</li> <li>Matt Hansen — Googler, manager, software engineer, retro video gamer, ping ponger. Billions of searches served daily.</li> <li><a href="">Matt Shobe</a> — Contemplating my third act, which may involve old BMWs and new electric motors. See you at karaoke.</li> <li><a href="">Matthew Weaver</a> — Crew member of spaceship earth, just trying to help. Professional works include repair and maintenance of complex systems critical to civilization, particularly those involving information flow, communications.</li> <li><a href="">Max Temkin</a> — Political organizer and game designer from Chicago, Il.</li> <li><a href="">Mekka Okereke</a> — Googler working on Google Play, and helping people managers across the industry build more inclusive teams.</li> <li>Melissa Flynn — Working to secure a healthy food system for all Chicagoans. Mom of three boys, loves to climb and be outside.</li> <li><a href="">Melissa Joy Maven</a> — Shame slayer. Boudoir photographer. Sex worker rights activist. Urban cyclist. Feminist as f**k.</li> <li><a href="">Mercedes Mane</a> — Co-Founded an electric car company and a product development firm. Also salvaged an IoT company and sold it to Scotts Miracle Gro. Working on an LED product, for holiday decorations, next.</li> <li><a href="">Meredith Dodd</a> — Preschool teacher at U of C Lab Schools passionate about learning democracy with young children through the tools of ecological thinking.</li> <li><a href="">Michael Zhao</a> — First employee and current deputy editor at Wirecutter.</li> <li>Michelle Wanhala — Artist and tattooer from Chicago.</li> <li><a href="">Michi Trota</a> — Three-time Hugo Award winner Michi Trota is a Filipina-American essayist, speaker, firespinner, and the Managing Editor of Uncanny: A Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. She's a Geek-Of-All-Trades and her life philosophy can be summed up as EAT ALL THE THINGS.</li> <li><a href="">Mike Davis</a> — Chemistry professor making science awesome one explosion at a time. Maker of the World's Largest Periodic Table of the elements. Very interested in changing the way we teach and learn science using sensors. Pretty fast runner.</li> <li><a href="">Mike McGee</a> — 😍 🤣 😂 😇 😭 🤯 🎵 🎧 🕺🏿 📺 😍</li> <li><a href="">Mike Preuss</a> — Founder &amp; CEO of Visible. Chicago native who spent some time out in San Francisco. Alumni of Indiana University &amp; Orr Fellowship.</li> <li><a href="">Mikey Dickerson</a> — Director of the nonprofit The New Data Project, spending about equal amounts of time fighting with and for the progressive technology ecosystem. Previously USDS,, and Google.</li> <li><a href="">Mikey Sklar</a> — Left a Wall St. to grow food in rural New Mexico. Biohacker and Creative Engineer @Adafruit. Set world record for longest run on zero calories (76 miles). Keto | HW Developer | Ultrarunner | Digital Homesteader</li> <li><a href="">Mo Stych</a> — Digital fabrication and marketing geek who loves getting lost in the wilderness.</li> <li><a href="">Monica Eng</a> — Monica Eng is a veteran Chicago journalist (in print and radio), a food &amp; health podcaster and a mean mom.</li> <li><a href="">Morris Miller</a> - CEO, Xenex - Germ Zapping Robot. Reducing killer hospital infections like staph so hospitals don't make you sicker.  Chef, Investor, golf and golfball scientist. Winner of seventh and eight grade math contest.</li> <li><a href="">Natasha Smith-Walker</a> — Natasha Smith-Walker executive director @ Project Exploration, creating transformative STEM learning experiences for youth underrepresented in STEM.</li> <li><a href="">Nathan Tolbert</a> — By day, software developer for the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. By night, writes new video games for old consoles like Atari 2600 and NES.</li> <li><a href="">Neal H. Patel</a> — My job is to fix the world. It's hard as hell &amp; I need your ideas. Current Amazon, X-oogler, founding schlub of Google Advanced Tech &amp; projects (basically DARPA). Lifestyle converging on my Skyrim/Fallout character -- I smith swords &amp; armor, shoot bows, study kung fu intensely, practice occult magic, take vision quests, and urban explore for ghosts &amp; demons (no I haven't seen one yet). "Metal" is my superlative of choice.</li> <li><a href="">Neal Sales-Griffin</a> — running for mayor 🙃</li> <li><a href="">Neil Renicker</a> — I'm a digital designer specializing in interaction design, design systems, and user interface programming.</li> <li><a href="">Nick Kokonas</a> — Owner &amp; Founder: Alinea / Next / The Aviary / Roister Founder &amp; CEO: Tock, Inc.</li> <li><a href="">Nick Piepmeier</a> — I work on privacy at Google in Chicago by day and tinker with things the rest of my time. I'm really interested in generative media, tools, and games.</li> <li><a href="">Nicole Sharp</a> — Aerospace engineer turned science communicator. Promoter of fluid dynamics on Tumblr and YouTube though my site FYFD, where I explain molasses floods, fish swimming in microgravity, how fire ants act like a fluid, and much more.</li> <li><a href="">Nicole Wong</a> — Refining my skills at knowing just enough to be dangerous. Former Deputy US CTO, Legal Director @Twitter, VP &amp; Deputy GC @Google. About to become an empty-nester. Also, avid traveler, foodie, and optimist.</li> <li>nikkya williams — trademark law rockstar, bon vivant, polymath</li> <li><a href="">Nina Zakharenko</a> — Software engineer with a love of Python and public speaking. When I’m not coding, I like tinkering with wearable electronics, sipping on scotch or bourbon, or spending time outdoors snowboarding. Currently doing Advocacy at Microsoft. Based in Portland, OR</li> <li>Nolis Anderson — Chicago lifestyle and portrait photographer</li> <li>Nootan Bharani — Architect, existing-building re-use strategist, climate and community resiliency activist, printmaker, mom</li> <li><a href="">Nora Flanagan</a> — Lifelong Chicagoan, veteran CPS English teacher, rabid defender of books, anti-racist activist, mother of two sons. Comics, postmodern fiction, horror, roller derby, strong coffee, veggie food, job-stopping tattoos and brilliant bad ideas.</li> <li><a href="">Odette Yousef</a> — I am a public radio journalist in Chicago, a wish-I-were-better baker, and I have Raffi on endless loop in my head.</li> <li><a href="">Pablo Garcia</a> — Dead media ain’t dead. It’s just sleeping. I make old drawing machines new, like the NeoLucida. I teach at SAIC. I dig analog virtuality.</li> <li><a href="">Pam Daniels</a> — Designer, educator, maker. Lover of cultures and people. Passionate about bringing people together to imagine new possibilities and make them real.</li> <li><a href="">Pamela Ribon</a> — I am a writer of big, funny things that make you cry, like comic books and Disney films. A professional silly person with strong nerd roots, I am currently writing a live-action movie based on my graphic novel about a girl who dates a bear.</li> <li><a href="">Parisa Tabriz</a> — I lead engineering for Chrome browser. I'm also Google's security princess.</li> <li><a href="">Paul Jackman</a> — Obsessed with saving trash from the trash through reclaiming and upcycling, but quite poor at hiding his pallet fetish. Creator of inspirational, intriguing, imaginative build videos for a living. Wannabe humorist.</li> <li><a href="">Paul Smith</a> — CTO &amp; founder of Ad Hoc, a software company making better government digital services. Think Veteran of the DNC, EveryBlock, CNT, Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail.</li> <li><a href="">Peg Keiner</a> —Director of Innovation at GEMS World Academy- Chicago, 2019 National Geographic Education Fellow (GeoChallenge &amp; citizen science), National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow (Antarctic Expedition)- UNA Chicago Global Goal Ambassador (Life on Land).  Tinkerer-360 Video/Wearables/Binaural Audio</li> <li><a href="">Pete Tsai</a> — Creative Technologist, I like to build things from with light/hardware/software not all at the same time though, Photographer/inventor/designer</li> <li><a href="">Peter Sagal</a> — Host of NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me," and "Constitution USA" on PBS. Author of "The Book of Vice" and "The Incomplete Book of Running." Loyal ORD-Camper.</li> <li><a href="">Q McCallum</a> — I consult on data, read about conflict, and think about risk. Always learning; not always in English. I dissect business models for fun. Меня зовут Чичиков.  ORD Salon co-organizer.</li> <li><a href="">Quinn Heraty</a> — Lawyer obsessed with commerce, media, tech, art, design, cultural histories, IP/fair use, and new things. Always learning.</li> <li><a href="">Rachel Brown</a> — Artist, activist, educator, wannabe technologist, who is trying to use the aforementioned to create a more just society. When not working to dismantle systems of oppression, I'm usually cycling around NYC, listening to metal, reading speculative fiction, or hanging out with my black cat, Kali.</li> <li><a href="">Rakesh Agrawal</a> — I'm your average tech founder / investor / capitalist... with a lot of other interests, including things I don't do enough of like photography and writing.</li> <li><a href="">Rayshauna Gray</a> — Hi! I'm a historical researcher at Tufts and Harvard. I'm writing a book about the US since 1820 through seven generations of women in my family. I like pomeranians, birds, and the woods.</li> <li><a href="">Renee DiResta</a> — Director of Research at New Knowledge. My job is to understand wingnut conspiracy theories and how they make their way onto Hannity. Prev:, OATV, Jane Street</li> <li><a href="">Resham Sarkar</a> — Data Scientist, Character Comedian and Improviser, Recovering Atomic Physicist.</li> <li><a href="">Richard Yoo</a> — Founder, "employee zero", and former CEO of Rackspace and Serverbeach, now retired – exploring an endless list of hobbies, occasionally investing in young companies</li> <li><a href="">Rick Dudley</a> — Blockchain Architect CEO of Vulcanize Inc.</li> <li><a href="">Rick Klau</a> — Partner at <a href="">GV</a>; former Google PM. Cocktail aficionado, vinyl record listener, father of 3, ally.</li> <li><a href="">Rob Levitt</a> — Chef, whole animal butcher and advocate for all things sustainable food.</li> <li><a href="">Robbie Q. Telfer</a> — Robbie Q. Telfer is a performance poet, teacher, and habitat restorer. He's currently working in the Education Department at The Morton Arboretum.</li> <li><a href="">Robin Amer</a> — Host &amp; creator of The City podcast from USA Today. Investigative reporter, cyclist, Chicagoan.</li> <li><a href="">Robin Anil</a> — Director of engineering at Tock, Xoogler, husband of a comedian, Keralite, punny, try-lingual, dancer, Marvel fan, loves anything with coconut</li> <li>Robin Shostack —</li> <li><a href="">Robin Wilson Beattie</a> — Disability, sexuality, reproductive health issues and rights educator: I think think, write, share, and talk about the intersection of these things. #blackinamerica, #disabledandproud, #myexistenceisresistence, #parent, and master baker of cookies.</li> <li><a href="">Rudra Banerji</a> — Senior Producer at VTech/Leapfrog. Making things weird. Keeping things weird</li> <li><a href="">Ruth Hopkins</a> — Dakota/Lakota Sioux writer, tribal attorney, biologist, former judge, influencer &amp; Native media source. Co-founder of Last Real Indians, &amp; award winning journalist for @indiancountry. Contributor: @bustle @truthout @jezebel @TeenVogue @huffpost &amp; many others.</li> <li><a href="">Ryan Robinson</a> — Co-founder of <a href="">Ink Factory</a>. Visual note-taker, <a href="">ex-photographer</a>, thing maker, budding carpenter and house renovator of <a href="">@chickadeecottage</a></li> <li><a href="">Ryanaustin Dennis</a> — Artist, Curator, and Writer based in Oakland, California. Riso Printer, Cook, Black Studies, Experimental Film and Dance.</li> <li>Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski — PhD Candidate, Harvard Physics</li> <li><a href="">Safia Abdalla</a> — Safia sucks at writing bios for herself. She's a passionate, ambitious, curious, and meticulous woman who likes to dream big and follow through even bigger.</li> <li><a href="">Saleem Penny</a> — Early Childhood &amp; Museum Advocate. "Rural Hip Hop Blues" Artist. Volunteer Hospital Magician. Father of Twins.</li> <li><a href="">Sandee Kastrul</a> — cofounder of i.c.stars, a lifelong teacher, full-time learner.</li> <li><a href="">Sandor Weisz</a> — I write puzzles for a living, which is apparently a thing you can do.</li> <li><a href="">Sara Hudson</a> — Still obsessing on potholes. Also, democracy. And their common need for complex system fixin'.</li> <li><a href="">Sarah Becan</a> — Comics artist, author, illustrator and designer; artist for “The Adventures of Fat Rice”, currently drawing comics cookbooks</li> <li><a href="">Sarah Otts</a> — Scratch Teamer; musician; bewildered 20-something</li> <li><a href="">Sarah Szalavitz</a> —  Social designer (focused on accountability &amp; bias -- &amp; also, so we all don't die, <a href="">Water Canary</a>), former <a href="">grilled cheese</a> entrepreneur, chronicler of Peter <a href="">Thiel</a>/<a href="">SPECTRE</a> fan fiction, failed power-whisperer, once &amp; perhaps future public servant &amp; aspiring Los Angeles cape-maker.</li> <li><a href="">Sasha Laundy</a> — Data, basketball, and Los Angeles.</li> <li><a href="">Saya Hillman</a> — Got fired. 14 years of blissful self-employment since. Usually greeted with, “Wait, you’re Mac &amp; Cheese Productions?!” Often called “‘Accessible Oprah.”</li> <li><a href="">Scott van den Plas</a> — I’m very grounded in reality, but I’m not entirely certain it exists.</li> <li><a href="">Scott Robbin</a> — Web developer; founder of and Robbin &amp; Co; friend to many, and father to few.</li> <li><a href="">Sean Killeen</a> — Sean “Kidd” Killeen, Colonel, USMC Retired. Commanding Officer of Marine Corps bases Hawaii. Responsible for planning future operations throughout the Pacific. Spent several years in Iraq as a CASEVAC pilot rescuing wounded. Pentagon procurement officer -saved taxpayers ~$15 Billion.</li> <li><a href="">Sean O'Neill</a> — Sean O'Neill is a writer and illustrator from Chicago. He is the creator of the Rocket Robinson series of graphic novels for young readers published by Dark Horse Comics.</li> <li>Shane Glynn — Engineer turned lawyer turned accidental startup founder. Xoogler.</li> <li><a href="">Shannon Green</a> — Shannon Green - farmer's daughter turned television producer. Passionate about travel, exploring, learning new things, and cats of all sizes.</li> <li>Sharon Lanza — Sharon has worked professionally for 20+ years as an actor, writer, director, dancer, choreographer, singer, and lyricist. She is a co founder of the Chicago musical performance group Mucca Pazza. As a writer, her lyrics co-write “Night Sky” was featured in the 2010 film “Norman” and her lyrics co-write “Sifters” is on the 2012 Andrew Bird album “Break it Yourself.” Sharon has performed on NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, at Orchestra Hall at Chicago’s Symphony Center, as a visiting artist at Mass MoCA, the Pritzker Pavillion at Millennium Park, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Lincoln Center among many other venues.</li> <li><a href="">Shawn Smith</a> — I'm an artist and designer that wants to delight and inspire people. I'm also creative director and part owner of a craft beer company called Twisted Hippo. #resketch #shawnimals #ninjatown</li> <li><a href="">Shing Khor</a> — Shing is a cartoonist and installation artist exploring new human rituals, collections, and memory, through comics and large scale art structures. They founded the immersive installation art crew Three Eyed Rat, which built space desert apothecaries, decrepit space salvage stations in the forest, and lumberjack-themed bars.</li> <li><a href="">Sisi Wei</a> — Runs a team that uses programming and design to do investigative journalism @ProPublica. Trying to fit games into that mix. Love escape rooms. Can’t stop drawing.</li> <li><a href="">Spencer Tweedy</a> — I play drums and work on music-related projects, including an audio equipment company, Fjord Audio.</li> <li><a href="">Stacey Berg</a> — Pediatric cancer researcher, science fiction &amp; fantasy writer, martial artist, curious about almost everything.</li> <li><a href="">Stacy Lindau</a> — Engineer of solutions to injustice. Gynecologist. Gave birth to NowPow, MAPSCorps, WomanLab + 3 sons. Grateful spouse.</li> <li><a href="">Star Simpson</a> — Star Simpson likes to build things, and fly gliders. She is known for having created the first widely-recognized drone delivery project, the TacoCopter. She has recently built the Tethertenna and APSARA autonomous drones, and is working on next-generation drone projects at her startup, Corvidair. She also founded Project Alloy, which brings people from underrepresented backgrounds into tech by facilitating access to attending technical conferences. She splits her time between San Francisco and Iceland.</li> <li><a href="">Stel Valavanis</a> — I've founded companies, made records, put on big art events, invested, mentored, raised kids, and learn new things every day.</li> <li><a href="">Stephen Bernacki</a> — Enjoy sports, cooking, and dining out in Chicago. Work on the business side of restaurants.</li> <li><a href="">Steve Brown</a> — Before, I was not a witch. But now I am one.</li> <li><a href="">Steve Delahoyde</a> — I'm a film person who runs a small film shop and I also lend a hand making things for/with Field Notes.</li> <li><a href="">Sue Khim</a> — CEO and co-founder of Brilliant (</li> <li>Sumanth Shekar — Engineer @ Inventables. Curious about space, human machine interaction and human machine interaction in space.</li> <li><a href="">Sunni Brown</a> — Dedicated Zen practitioner. Entrepreneur. Group gamer. Facilitator. Speaker. Author. Coach. Autodidact. I point in the direction of tenderness toward life and the beings living it.</li> <li>Sydette Harry (@blackamazon)- Sydette is in a constant battle to make sure baby has hat. It’s a metaphor for many things that usually involve tech, mass comm and being kind. She has questions Their uncomfortable , we’ll get through it together!</li> <li><a href="">Tanner Woodford</a> — Founder, executive director, and bartender of Design Museum of Chicago.</li> <li><a href="">Tanya Berger-Wolf</a> — Computational ecologist, creating algorithms to recognize zebras and other animals from photos and to analyze their social networks. Professor &amp; co-founder and director of Mentor, parent, salsa dancer, chocolate addict.</li> <li><a href="">Thea Polancic</a> — Spend my days building high performance teams and helping leaders be great humans. Founder of Chicago Conscious Capitalism movement, avid mom of teenager, grateful and curious. I love things that feel good, taste good and smell good. (teenage boy not always included in that).</li> <li><a href="">Theodore Hahn</a> — I like food. I like talking about food.</li> <li><a href="">Tiff Fehr</a> — Assistant editor and lead engineer at The New York Times, focusing on live coverage and document security. Pet rescuer and volunteer kitten socializer (I play with kittens as a second job because politics).</li> <li><a href="">tiffany mikell</a> —  Ideas + Code + Empathy + Cannabis. Also: "I'm a Chicagoan till Chicago ends".</li> <li><a href="">Tim Courtney</a> — Built the LEGO IDEAS community, now exploring exciting projects and roles. I want to make North American cities more like Copenhagen – bikes, walking, transit, beautiful design. Former Chicagoan in Palo Alto, CA.</li> <li><a href="">Tim Lapetino</a> — Author of the design history book Art of Atari, graphic designer of identities &amp; packaging, speaker on intersection of design &amp; pop culture.</li> <li><a href="">Tim O'Reilly</a> — Founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, partner at O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV), board member at Code for America, author of WTF? What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us</li> <li><a href="">Tommy Maranges</a> — I make games like Secret Hitler and Inhuman Conditions, so if you want to have a nice time with friends and leave feeling good about yourself, probably let me introduce you to Elan Lee instead.</li> <li><a href="">Valerie Aurora</a> — <a href="">Ally Skills teacher</a>, just wrote a <a href="">book about codes of conduct.</a> Interested in fasting for health.</li> <li><a href="">Valerie Frank</a> — Product Manager @ Inventables. Curious about just about everything. Obsessive traveler and language learner.</li> <li><a href="">Veronica Arreola</a> — Professional feminist, mom, and writer.</li> <li><a href="">Veronica Berns</a> — Prof and Undergraduate Lab Director at Northwestern and I turned my PhD thesis into a comic book</li> <li><a href="">Vicky Hsu</a> — Lawyer. Writer. Former trucker. Currently cofounder and CEO of Habitica. I used to read encyclopedias for fun (and it shows, a little).</li> <li><a href="">Waldo Jaquith</a> — Charlottesvillian, fed, open data advocate, open source developer, father, guy who did that one thing that you kind of remember hearing about.</li> <li><a href="">Wayne Drehs</a> — Storyteller, officially for ESPN TV, Magazine and Digital properties. Unofficially while sitting in traffic, on airplanes, in craft breweries and at softball practices. Open heart surgery survivor.</li> <li><a href="">Wendy Tremayne</a> — I prefer to answer “what do you do,” with, “whatever needs to be done.” I consider myself a conceptual artist. I often focus on the decommodification of culture which ties into understanding the world philosophically and through action: doing and creating. Author of The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hand’s-On Living; founder Swap-O-Rama-Rama (textile repurposing model).</li> <li>Will Robinson — Former Chicagoan turned recidivist Californian. Long-time Googler. Currently CTO of Chronicle.</li> <li><a href="">Will Smith</a> — Paralyzed by indecision. I make cartoons with virtual reality and machine learning.</li> <li>Wyatt Grant — artist/ designer, plays in chicago band pool holograph</li> <li><a href="">Yael Hochberg</a> — Entrepreneurship Professor; Lego Model Builder; World Traveler; Economist; Foodie.</li> <li><a href="">Yael Katz</a> — I'm a scientist turned entrepreneur who will try just about anything once</li> <li><a href="">Yonatan Kogan</a> — Software Engineer at Tock. Civic technologist and concerned citizen.</li> <li><a href="">Ytasha Womack</a> — I'm author of the book Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi &amp; Fantasy Culture. I write, direct films, and produce works of fiction and theory engaging Afrofuturism and the power of the imagination and dance.</li> <li><a href="">Yuri Frank Maxwell Malina</a> — Co-founder &amp; VP of Product at SwipeSense, eliminating medical harm through design &amp; technology. Co-founder of Design for America.</li> <li><a href="">Zach Kaplan</a> — I'm the founder of Inventables and ORD Camp.</li> <li><a href="">Zizi Papacharissi</a> — Professor and Head of Communication and Professor of Political Science at UIC, author of ten books on technology, politics and society, former DJ (actual),cfuture astronaut (aspirational).</li> </ul>

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