Camp 2016: Where to Stay

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Camp 2016: Where to Stay
<h2>Hotel</h2> <p>Thanks to a generous ORD Camper, we have the good fortune to be able to offer you a discounted rate. If you would like to make a reservation, please do so soon as availability is limited and not guaranteed. <strong>Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel</strong>: $99.00/night from Jan 22-24, and you must reserve on or before January 11th <a href=";app=resvlink&amp;stop_mobi=yes">book here</a>.<br /><br /> <strong>The Wit Hotel</strong>: $125/night rate found by an enterprising ORD Camper, and they're right on the Green Line train, which is 10 minutes from Google's offices. Book here: <a href=""></a>.</p> <p><strong>Virgin Chicago</strong> $110/night if you book at least two weeks in advance (nonrefundable). It's just down the block for The Wit, so it's also close to the Green Line. Book online at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <h2>Airbnb</h2> <p><a href=";checkout=&amp;guests=1">Search for rentals near ORD Camp</a></p> <h2>Hotel Room Sharing</h2> <p>Add your name here if you have space in your hotel room or if you're looking to share a hotel</p> <ul> <li>Name, hotel, want space/have space</li> </ul> <h2>Sofa Surfing</h2> <p>If you live in Chicago and have an extra bed or couch that someone can crash on, please list it here. You should be sure to list: Your name, whether you have a couch or bed, how many people you can accommodate, if you can only accommodate male or female guests, what nights you can accommodate them, and your zip code. For example:</p> <ul> <li>e.g. Sergey Brin has a bed for one person (male only) on Friday night in 60610</li> <li>Dennis McClendon has a bedroom with queen bed and a living room air mattress that could accommodate another camper. Location: 9th &amp; State, an easy train ride from Google.</li> <li>Julia Mossbridge has a basement twin bed for another female camper. 60202 -- I can drive you to and from camp (45 min). Frankly, I think Sergey's offer is better, but since that's for men only...</li> </ul>

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