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Although we don’t have a group rate there, The Ace Hotel is right across the street from ORD Camp.


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Hotel Room Sharing

Add your name here if you have space in your hotel room or if you’re looking to share a hotel

  • Name, hotel, want space/have space

Sofa Surfing

If you live in Chicago and have an extra bed or couch that someone can crash on, please list it here. You should be sure to list: Your name, whether you have a couch or bed, how many people you can accommodate, if you can only accommodate male or female guests, what nights you can accommodate them, and your zip code. For example:

  • e.g. Diana Prince has two couches for two people (female only) on Friday and Saturday in 60607
  • e.g. Samwise Gamgee has a bed for one person (male only) on Friday night in 60610
  • e.g. Luke Cage has a spare bedroom for one person on Saturday in 60626


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