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  • Pre-camp Coordination 2017

    Retro Computing Hardware (added by @mattgodbolt and @borjasotomayor) We’re planning a retro hardware session and would love people to bring along their old computer hardware. We’d also love people to come along and share their first computer stories, or first production systems horror (or otherwise!) stories. Pretty much anything is welcome: we plan on grabbing […]

  • Protected: Camp 2016: Who Came?

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • 2016-fat-rice

    Fat Rice ORD Camp Inferno See the very bottom of how to get tickets–although this is not actually part of ORD Camp (Which means you have to pay for it), this is a private, ORD Camp-only event What? Greetings fellow ORD Campers! It’s that time of year again! We wish to invite you to an […]

  • Pre-camp Coordination 2016

    Click here to edit this page. Table of Contents Design something for the ORD Camp Mosaic Bring chocolate for The Chocolate Table Go to Sunday Brunch (Unofficial post-ORD Camp fun!) Bring Wine for the Wine Tasting Session! Cookie Buffet ORDbar Does Rum ORD BBQ – Featuring Liquid Pig BBQ & You! You CAN can at […]

  • Camp 2016: Session Ideas

    Session Name Goes Here Session Description Goes Here.


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