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The Chocolate Table needs your help!

(added by Robert Kaye, @MayhemBCN,
I love chocolate. Really, really love chocolate. And now I want to share my passion again with fellow ORD campers again!
For the past few years, I’ve organized the “Chocolate Room” at the Google Summer of Code mentor summit. People come from all corners of the world to attend these events, so it is the perfect opportunity to have everyone contribute a little for a massive impact. It started with Google sponsoring me to buy chocolate in various european countries and then to bring it to the summit. Over time people jumped in and started bringing their favorite chocolate from their corner of the world. I brought this to ORD Camp in 2015 and it was a great hit, so we’re going to do this again this year!
Once again, between now and ORD Camp, I’m going to buy as much tasty chocolate as I can stuff in my suitcase. I’ll be picking up a collection of German, British and Catalan chocolate here in Barcelona and I will pick up some interesting Swiss chocolate on the way to Chicago. Expect me to turn up with several kilos of chocolate to continue to kickstart the chocolate table.
I need your help to continue and to strengthen the Chocolate Table!
Please bring a bar or two of your favorite chocolate from where you are from. But, and this is a big “but”… Sadly, there is a lot of crappy chocolate in the US. Please, be very choosy when you select your chocolate. Pretty much all Hershey’s/Cadbury/Mars products are out, sorry. Scharfenberger, Vosges and even Ghiradelli qualify! Artesianal, hand crafted and/or small batch of chocolate is great. Imported chocolate is likely to be good. If you can find the chocolate at your average (american) supermarket it’s probably not worthy to be brought to ORD Camp. (A lot of the chocolate I am bringing can be bought in supermarkets in Europe, but the quality is vastly different! Sorry.)
Since many people of ORD Camp are from Chicago, we’re running the chance that we’re going to get a lot of duplicate chocolate. Rather than putting a cumbersome sign-up spreadsheet in place, I’m going to put a simple heuristic in place to will hopefully bring a diversity of high quality chocolate:
“Bring chocolate that you’re willing to defend.”
WTF does that mean? Simple. If you bring a KitKat bars, you should have a story to share as to why you brought them. Did they get you through a tough break-up? Was it the chocolate that you ate when you first moved to a strange new place and it brought you much needed comfort? But, if you find that bizarre Sardine flavored chocolate, what more but “Duh, have you ever tried sardine flavored chocolate? Your question is irrelephant!” do you need to respond? Exercise your best judgement when picking chocolate and when in doubt, bring more!
Then, bring your chocolate on the opening day of ORD Camp — I’ll setup a place where you can deposit your chocolate. And then, of course, come eat chocolate when you feel like it.
Here are some basic guidelines for keeping the chocolate area from devolving into a complete mess:
  • See some chocolate you want to try? Try it!
  • Check to see if there is some of the same chocolate open before you open more chocolate.
  • See some empty wrappers laying around? Please toss ‘em.
  • See a chocolate bar with only one piece left? It’s lonely, eat it. (Forget the “don’t eat the last piece” rule — it doesn’t apply here. It is your duty to eat the last piece!)
  • Are you a Chocolatier and fancy bringing your own creation? Please do! However, please make an ingredients sign that identifies what is in your chocolate, so that food allergens can be clearly identified.
Questions? Hit me: or @mayhemBCN


Wine Tasting Session: Bring Wine and Questions!

(Added by Char Genevier, @cgenevier, I’ve really enjoyed learning about wine over the last 10ish years and one of the things that’s helped enormously in understanding differences between regions, varietals, etc, has been side-by-side tastings. I’d like to coordinate a session in which we:

  • Taste the same varietal (ex: Cabernet Sauvignon) across different regions (ex: Napa, Oregon, France, Australia)
  • Taste different varietals (ex: Cabernet Sauvignon vs Merlot vs Syrah, etc) in the same region
  • Taste the same wine from a couple different years to understand the effects of aging

I’m happy to speak to wine history as well, since it has such a cool backstory as a beverage. I’ll pull together a list of representative wines I’ll bring (I’ll be adding to the list in the coming week), but if you have a favorite bottle or two, it’d be great to add it to the mix. Feel free to add a bottle to the list below with what you’re bringing so we make sure we have enough across the different varietals/regions to make the tasting interesting. Alternately, if you see a bottle without a name next to it, it means I (or someone else) put it on the list because it would be a good addition, but no one has volunteered to bring it yet – if you want to pick it up, put your name next to it! Update: Thanks to Blagica and Michael Bottigliero (Windy City Wine Guy), there are a few more great recommendations on the list that can be purchased from Binny’s in Chicago.


  • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Spy Valley 2014 Sauvignon Blanc (Australia)
    • Pascal Jolivet 2014 Sancerre (France)
  • Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio
    • Hugel 2011 Pinot Gris Classic (France)
  • Chardonnay
    • Domaine Les Dolomies, Cotes du Jura (France) – “Les Boutonniers” or “En Novelin” 2013, depending which is available – Tiff Fehr
    • Pouilly-Fumé 2013 – Loire chardonnay/sauvignon blanc (contrast to the above) – Tiff Fehr
  • Other
    • Berger 2011 Gruner Veltliner (Austria) – Char Genevier


  • Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Duckhorn 2013 Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon (California – Sonoma County) – Matt Melchiori
  • Merlot
    • Chateau La Croix Saint George’s 2012 Pomerol (France)
  • Pinot Noir
    • Domaine Serene 2012 Yamhill Cuvee (Oregon)
    • Calera Pinot Noir de Villiers 2012 (California)
  • Syrah
    • Zaca Mesa 2010 Syrah (California – Central Coast) – Char Genevier
  • Other
    • Orin Swift 2013 The Prisoner (California – Napa Valley) – Char Genevier
    • Schiava (of some sort) terribly fond of this grape lately — Sharon Burdett


  • La Bastide Blanche Bandol 2014 Rose (France)


  • Louis Roederer Brut Premier (France)


  • Chambers Rutherglen Muscat Rosewood Vineyards (Australia)

Cookie Buffet

2016 is the year of the cookie! No forks or knives needed, and plates are optional, which means our tasty late-night treats will be easier to gobble up while creating less trash than last year’s (admittedly delicious) pies. Bring a batch of your best to share and we’ll be happy all weekend. If you’re so inclined, chime in here with your intended cookie of choice. #cookiebuffet @JenniferFarrington will be bringing something chewy-spicy-molasses-y because mo’peace, mo’love, mo’lasses in 2016 @kimmoldofsky toffee squares @alannert chocolate chip cookie bars and milk @ficus yet still more chocolate chip cookies @markhayward triple ginger cookies, unless they’re terrible, then Grizzly Scatties

ORDbar Does Rum

(Added by Andrew Huff @me3dia and Scott Robbin @srobbin) At past ORDcamps we’ve had a conversation about liquor at the end of Saturday’s sessions. We’ve covered scotch and bourbon, rye and mezcal, gin, barrel aging and the endless variations on the Old Fashioned. This year, ORDbar will be about rum, one of the world’s largest and most varied categories of spirits — and yet one that most people don’t know much about. (Including us; we’ll be studying up.) ORDbar will be scheduled at the very end of Saturday, as programming shifts to socializing. Scott Robbin and Andrew Huff will be your hosts for the talk, providing a brief history of rum and walking you through the many varieties, and then opening up the bar for sampling and experimentation as the evening wears on. We’ll have a handful of different rums as well as mixers and garnishes — and as in previous years, it’d be great to have help with provisioning. We’ve got a spreadsheet set up where you can list what you’ll be bringing; please lend a hand if you can! And if you’re flying in and don’t want to stow a bottle in your checked bag, we’re happy to make a liquor store run and you can pay us back. (We’re also happy to accept donations to help fund the fun.) Thanks, and see you there!

ORD BBQ – Featuring Liquid Pig BBQ & You! 🙂

ORD Camp has had a tradition of lighting the flame, and sharing delicious, low & slow, wood smoked BBQ, with the ORD Camp family. Everyone’s welcome to smoke it if you’ve got it, or prepare a side. Sign up below 🙂 Fitz and Zach do a great job taking care of meals. We pile on the BBQ for fun.

Our biggest bottleneck has always been SMOKERS. If you have the ability to smoke a cut of meat, or something vegetarian, please sign up below (edit page – add name and item), and let us know what you plan to BBQ.

If you want to make a side, pickles, onions, coleslaw, cornbread, beans, mac and cheese, most anything, feel free to sign up below, and let us know (edit page – add name and item)

Desserts will be taken care of by our Cookie, Pie and Chocolate compadres — but there’s always room for COBBLERS!!!

Google’s food services team will accept your dishes, bring them up to temp, and we’ll need volunteers to help serve. Please attach your instructions to any serving dish you bring.

If you’d like to help with BBQ — before or during ORD Camp, please ping me at and we’ll schedule you in.

Here’s the schedule of when we’ll be opening Pop Up BBQ Joints at ORD Camp — and the Liquid Pig BBQ we’ll be contributing to the feast. Please add anything you can bring (feel free to add your items and name below).

Friday – Dinner – 6-7 PM

Liquid Pig Pulled Pork
Liquid Pig Spare Ribs
Chef Aaron’s Texas Style BBQ Brisket

Saturday – 3 PM – “Art & Science of Smoking Pigs” BBQ Session

Talk and taste BBQ during this session. I’m aiming to grab a 3 pm slot as rib tips will be served, along with anything you bring. Liquid Pig Rib Tips

Saturday ~ 11-12 – Liquid Pig “Hands On” Pork Pull

Slip on a pair of latex gloves, and grab a hunk of burning hot BBQ love. Don’t miss this. Times are approximate and the Pork Shoulder goes fast.

Also serving Chef Aaron’s Texas Style BBQ Brisket

You CAN can at OrdCamp 2016

(Added by Gabe Lyon@LyonGabrielle & Heidi Moorman Coudal @heidimcoudal) Interested in learning how to “put up” produce? Wishing you had summer tomatoes in January or the taste of Michigan peaches in February? Heidi and I will be hosting ‘You CAN Can at OrdCamp’ (aka canning bee). We’ll have gear, brine, veggies and fixings to let you personalize your own jar of pickles. We might make some mustard too. Just bring the CAN do attitude. (And any puns you have ready for the oven). Saturday (tenatively) right after lunch. Let us know if you’re interested so we can get a sense of the jar count.

Proposed Session: Open Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous

(Added by Dan O’Neil, @danxoneil, 

Here’s an idea for a session this year: Open Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. I got the idea after helping Dan Sinker put together AA-oriented info for SRCCON in Minneapolis last year. People seemed to appreciate knowing about offsite places to maintain sobriety, so I thought it would be cool to take the next step into a conference itself.

I wrote up a proposed format here, using a couple of templates from other meetings. I also created a folder with the documents we’d need to do the session.

The only thing I would need in order to do this session is 1/ a speaker, which would preferably be an existing member of AA who would want to share their experience, strength, and hope around their recovery, 2/ someone to read “How It Works” and 3/ someone to read The 12 Traditions.

If we get that I’ll try to get a session up on one of the boards Friday night.



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