Camp 2020: Where to Stay

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Camp 2020: Where to Stay
<h2>Hotel</h2> We have a standing 15% discount off the cheapest advertised&nbsp;<strong>non-prepay</strong>&nbsp;rate at&nbsp;<a href="">The Ace Hotel</a>, which is <b>right across the street from ORD Camp.&nbsp;</b>You can get that rate by clicking <a href="">here</a>. Note that the&nbsp;<strong>prepay</strong> rate&nbsp;<strong>may</strong> be cheaper if you'd like to check that out in an incognito browser window and compare. <h2>Airbnb</h2> <a href=";checkout=&amp;guests=1">Search for rentals near ORD Camp</a> <h2>Hotel Room Sharing</h2> Add your name here if you have space in your hotel room or if you're looking to share a hotel I have a room to share: <ul> <li>I (Sarah Ware) have a room at the <strong>Ace Hotel Friday and Saturday</strong> nights. Looking for a <strong>female roommate</strong>. Your half would be <strong>$115 per night</strong> before taxes. DM me on Slack or call or text: 479-871-7151.</li> <li>e.g. Marion Ravenswood, Ace Hotel, extra bed for 1 (women only, please)</li> <li>e.g. Luke Skywalker, W Lakeshore drive, extra bed for 1 (men only, please)</li> <li>e.g. Chris Knight, Sofitel on Wacker, extra bed for 1-2</li> </ul> I'm looking for a room: <ul> <li>&nbsp;</li> </ul> <h2>Sofa Surfing</h2> If you live in Chicago and have an extra bed or couch that someone can crash on, please list it here. You should be sure to list: Your name, whether you have a couch or bed, how many people you can accommodate if you can only accommodate male or female guests, what nights you can accommodate them, and your zip code. For example: <ul> <li>Dennis McClendon has a spare bedroom for one person or a couple for the whole weekend in the South Loop, 60605</li> <li>Leah Neustadt has two full size futons in a cat-inhabited, smoke-free apartment. Located in Roscoe Village, by Addison Brown line. I can house up to two pairs if people are okay with a shared room. Contact me via Slack.</li> <li>e.g. Samwise Gamgee has a bed for one person (men only) on Friday night in 60610</li> <li>e.g. Luke Cage has a spare bedroom for one person on Saturday in 60626</li> <li>e.g. Riri Williams has a spare bedroom for one person or a couple for the whole weekend in 60649</li> </ul> ========== &nbsp;

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